Raising small animals is not only a joy, but also a smart investment if done right. By making some simple modifications to a small structure, you can give your animals a safe and clean living space that keeps them healthy, happy, and productive.

Birds and Bunnies

A small shed can make a spacious bunny hutch where your rabbits can sleep and hide, as well as play and hop when not in their run. If you raise chickens, quail, turkeys, geese or other poultry for eggs, providing comfortable, safe coops and nesting boxes encourages the birds to nest there rather than look for an alternative outdoors, which could attract predators.

Small buildings made from rot-resistant hemlock and pine using rugged post-and-beam construction techniques provide sufficiently warm, dry, and well ventilated conditions. Their simple interiors are easy to clean, helping you protect your animals from disease and parasites. They’re also structurally sound enough to keep out large or crafty predators such as foxes and raccoons.

Shelter for Little Hooves

Smaller hoofed animals don’t always need a whole barn, but they still need protection from the elements. A small building is the perfect fit.

The Dollhouse can accommodate a pair of pygmy goats or other miniature dairy goats, while the Basic Run can shelter alpacas in a way that won’t make them feel confined. The barn, gable, salt box or shed roof design can house larger animals such as miniature ponies or donkeys.

Pigs, which are particularly temperature-sensitive animals, grow better if given a building that provides comfortable temperatures and humidity levels. A sturdy shed does this much better than a standard pig hut.

With a little thought, any small structure, shed or even a three sided shelter can be turned into a healthy, clean space for your small livestock. Keep your cows and other critters happy and healthy.