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  • 24x24 Barn Exterior24x24 Simple Garage

    Simple Garage

    From: $19,870.00 From: $5,889.00

    This versatile Vermont Post & Beam design is in stock and ships right away.* This design is now on display at the Vermont Factory, take the tour, see how they are made and walk into a huge display yard including a 24x24 Simple Garage. This one is an original design by Jamaica Cottage Shop. The…

  • Chicken Coop - InteriorEach nesting box is the recommended size to provide comfort and security for your hens.

    Nesting Boxes

    From: $30.90

    Nesting chicken coop boxes for your hens' comfort and safety.

  • Three Sled Shed

    From: $3,554.00 From: $1,778.00

    This substantial Vermont Post & Beam storage shed is in stock and ships right away.* Another JCS original, this one is intended for quick and easy access to your favorite toys. We are very pleased to introduce this clever design. Each of the three bays is protected at the entrance with its own single sliding…