Avid gardeners love having space to store their seeds, soils and gardening tools in one convenient location. If you’re the same way, you’ll appreciate a well-organized gardening shed designed to provide you more fun gardening and less time looking for the tools you need.
You may prefer a quaint garden shed that’s designed to be both decorative and functional. Ladies enjoy their own version of the “man cave” with their own “she shed” that provides a sometimes frilly, feminine getaway that can be used for hobbies like gardening. You can customize garden shed kits to even include a small porch on front for relaxing after a hard day of planting flowers.

A potting shed is another design to consider that’s often filled with features like shelves and various storage areas. These outdoor wood sheds are ideal for larger amounts of gardening supplies and are built specifically for gardening purposes. You’ll want your shed designed with areas set up for potting, including workbenches and cabinets placed for maximum usage of space.

Another option is a greenhouse, which allows you to store supplies and grow indoors simultaneously. There are many different greenhouse designs available, but you’ll want one with plenty of natural light, so the building doesn’t overheat with direct sunlight. The size of your design will vary depending on how much you want to grow, but any design should include openings at both ends to allow adequate airflow. Hinged windows that easily open outward are a nice addition.
No matter what garden shed design you choose, always be sure the building has ample natural light and airflow to make it more comfortable for you and your plants. All of Jamaica Cottage Shop’s small or large garden shed kits and other wood structures are built of the finest Vermont lumber and handcrafted for durability, so you can enjoy your garden shed for years to come.