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  • 8x16 Nook - Installed on a trailer8x16 Nook - Installed on a trailer

    Tiny House on Wheels

    From: $4,599.00

    This elegant and modern Vermont Post & Beam domicile is in stock and ships right away. Where will your Tiny House take you? Our Tiny House On Wheels (or T.H.O.W) options are highly customizable, robust, simple, and charming and offered fully assembled as a shell, 3-season, or Turn-Key 4-Season. All Jamaica Cottage Shop T.H.O.W.s come…

  • 12x12 Potting Fort - Exterior

    Potting Fort

    From: $5,016.00 From: $2,307.00

    This charming little Vermont Post & Beam shelter is in stock and ships right away. This little cottage was designed and built for storage and gardening purposes. A sanctuary away from the main house, set among big white pines, close to the perennial gardens. Clients have reported spending evenings on the porch sipping red wine…

  • 4x8 Hearthstone - build a one cord firewood shed

    Hearthstone Shed

    From: $1,043.00 From: $564.00

    This classy Vermont Post & Beam wood shed is in stock and ships right away. Start the wood-burning season off right! Old timers here in Vermont say “get your wood stacked by Labor Day”. The best way to cure firewood is to keep it dry and allow the air to pass through it. The Hearthstone…

  • Heritage - Custom Hot Dog Stand8x18 Heritage - Custom exterior


    From: $4,948.00 From: $2,326.00

    This versatile Vermont Post & Beam building is in stock and ships right away. This building has be designed in response to the many who have asked for a multi purpose shed. It took one year and twelve revisions before this design was finalized. While aesthetically pleasing, it provides extremely versatile space. This design features…

  • 16x Vermont Cottage - Exterior16x20 Vermont Cottage option A

    Vermont Cottage A

    From: $13,807.00 From: $4,969.00

    This very popular Vermont Post & Beam cottage is in stock and ships right away. This charming one-room cabin features an open floor plan and high ceilings with a loft. This cottage is brimming with possibilities. Turn it into a camp, playhouse, pool house, guest house, workshop, cabana, art studio, cabin, or even 4-Season living.…

  • 12x14 Writers Haven - In Alaska12x14 Writers Haven - Custom Exterior

    Writers Haven

    From: $4,716.00 From: $2,829.00

    This Jamaica Cottage Shop original Vermont Post & Beam beauty is in stock and ships right away. Imagine having your own private Writer’s Haven: a place to be alone with your thoughts. Just as Henry David Thoreau had his cabin on Walden Pond, you can have a sanctuary all your own. With the translucent roofing…

  • 14x20 Gibraltar - Exterior12x20 Gibraltar - Exterior

    Gibraltar Cabin

    From: $7,811.00 From: $3,827.00

    This charming clever Vermont Post & Beam design is in stock and ships right away. The Gibraltar is a clever little design with huge potential. Its undeniable country charm, the Gibraltar comes standard with an eye-catching barrel arch, a front porch, and an interior work bench. The post and beam frame makes this a strong,…

  • 12x24 Sugar Shack - custom exterior12x24 Sugar Shack exterior

    Sugar Shacks 12x

    From: $6,316.00 From: $3,387.00

    This traditional, tough Vermont Post and Beam kit is in stock and ships right away. A traditional New England design, the Sugar Shack Cabin boasts functionality and aesthetic appeal. Sugar Shacks are traditionally used as syrup houses, a designated building to boil maple syrup. In the springtime a large cloud of smoke and steam can be…

  • On sale!

    Doll House 8x

    From: $2,085.00 From: $1,147.00

    This adorable Vermont Post & Beam multi-purpose design is in stock and ships right away. This adorable Dollhouse is a beautiful playhouse with an impressive overall height of ten-and-a-half feet. Reminiscent of old Victorian houses, the steep roof-lines and graceful dormer add a fresh style to boring backyard sheds. The two 2×2 opening windows fill…

  • 8x10 Greenhouse - Custom Exterior8x10 Greenhouse - Exterior


    From: $2,562.00 From: $869.00

    This charming Vermont Post & Beam green house is in stock and ships right away. This Greenhouse is charming, easy to use, and comfortable to work in. The plentiful barn sash windows hinged to open out, and the built-in workbench makes potting a breeze. This design features five six-light barn sash windows and an additional…

  • 8x12 Nook Exterior

    Nook Cabin

    From: $2,837.00 From: $1,704.00

    This elegant Vermont Post & Beam abode is in stock and ships right away. Victorian in style, this elegant design allows ample room for storage, potting and a small sitting area on the porch. It compliments any property as a combination meditation room, nature observation area, yoga studio, and sometimes, a study. Rugged post and…

  • 10x10 Bayside - ExteriorBayside - Custom interior


    From: $3,996.00 From: $1,598.00

    This clever Vermont Post & Beam shanty is in stock and ships right away. The Bayside is a versatile & charming design. Whether it's a child’s playhouse, artist’s studio, pool house, road side stand or just a quiet retreat away from the main house. This building exudes enough charm and comfort to make anyone feel…