Tiny Home Accessories

With efficient tiny house furnishings and good organization, you can make the limited space in your cabin just as comfortable as your home. Vermont pine furniture and storage shed accessories let you both keep order and maintain a consistent look.
Vertical Storage
Four-peg racks and expandable racks can hold jackets, scarves, and hats, keep your favorite coffee mugs in easy reach or even hang potted plants to bring a little greenery into your space. In a workshop, these racks can keep tools and supplies organized and accessible. A drying rack for plastic bags can also hold scarves or tea towels. Its irregularly arranged arms give this rack an additional decorative flair.
A spice rack can do more than hold spice jars. In a workshop, it’s a perfect spot for rolls of wire or ribbon. In a bathroom or sleeping area, it can hold makeup or personal care products. It’s also an attractive way to display decor items without cluttering your tables.
Space-Saving Storage Shed Accessories
A pellet storage bin can hold not only wood pellet fuel, but also boots, seasonal clothes, bedding and towels, books and toys, sports and camping equipment or even canned foods. It’s also sturdy enough to do double-duty as a coffee table or seat.
Store more small items in your cupboards by adding Lazy Susans, which prevent items from being pushed to the back of the shelf and out of reach.
With a wishing well bucket, you can store garden tools or toys in a way that makes them easy to carry both indoors and out.
Constructed with eastern white pine, cedar, and durable black hardware, these and other versatile storage shed and tiny house accessories, parts, and tiny house furnishings provide numerous options for ergonomic storage that harmonizes with the rustic, yet sophisticated character of your cabin or outbuilding. Browse our selection of tiny home space-saving furniture today!