Waste Management Sheds

Finding an efficient way to manage your trash and recycling just got easier! From sheds to garbage bins, we have many options to offer for your plastic, paper and waste disposal. Toss in the trash and keep it out of the house. Jamaica cottage shop has a range of sizes to accommodate any of your trash and recycling needs. Keep bears, rodents, and varmints far away from your trash. Recyclables, rubbish, returnable, garbage, newspapers, magazines, and dirty old trash, Jamaica cottage shop has a solution that will keep it neat and tidy. Our rugged materials and attractive designs are practical for use as your garbage and recycling receptacle, as well as great to look at and keep odors out of your house. All of our wood sheds, storage sheds, outdoor storage sheds, garden sheds, garbage bins, storage shed kits, cottages and utility enclosures are built of the finest Vermont lumber and handcrafted for long life and durability. Jamaica Cottage Shop can provide durable trash bin sheds that will make waste management as much simpler. Long lasting trash and recycling sheds or bins that are extremely efficient, durable, and still great to look at! Don’t let those animals tear apart your garbage again this year, Jamaica cottage shop can help to keep them away from your trash. Old trash and recyclables can smell up the house fast but a sturdy shed will provide a great recycling and waste management solution. A shed or outdoor garbage can enclosure can combine the efficiency of general storage as well as an easy solution to disposing of your recycling, trash, paper, plastic, rubbish, returnables, magazines, and everyday waste. Build your own trash receptacle with our easy to follow instructions that come with our Pre- cut kits or let us do it for you if your close to our South Londonderry, Vermont location.