Cottage Sheds for Sale

Trying to fit all your off-season items in your garage or attic usually results in a cluttered mess. Our utility wood storage sheds for sale solve that problem by providing space to keep your things safe, organized, and ready when you need them.

Lawn and Garden Supplies

If you’re a lawn and garden enthusiast, you know how quickly a collection of gardening tools and equipment can outgrow the garage. A shed gives you a place to put these items during the winter where they’ll be safe from damage and theft.

Keeping your lawn furniture in a utility shed ensures it will be clean and dry when the good weather returns. Even our modest-sized storage shed kits, such as the New Yorker, can shelter your push mower, riding mower, wheel barrow, and other larger equipment. To optimize space, it’s easy to install shelving or a loft for pots and plant care products, and wall racks for hanging long-handled tools and garden hoses.

Locking up sharp tools and hazardous materials such as pesticides in your shed keeps them safely away from curious kids and pets.

Recreational Equipment

Our wood storage sheds for sale are a convenient, secure place to keep off-season sports equipment, including bicycles, skis, tennis rackets, and anything else you don’t want hogging the closets in your house. Our storage shed kits, such as the Saltbox, are spacious enough to accommodate an ATV, motorcycle or snowmobile, protecting your prized vehicle from the elements.

If you have a pool, storing all your patio supplies in one prefabricated storage shed simplifies maintenance. Keep your deck chairs, dive rings, and swim noodles there, too, so you can easily grab them when swimming season returns.

A utility shed built with durable Vermont lumber not only makes it easier to stay organized, but it also protects the investment you’ve made in your valuable gardening tools, sports equipment, and pool supplies.

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