Ever wish you had a garage? It’s not as complicated as you may think to make that dream come true. Storing vehicles protects them from the elements. The perfect alternative to a Prefabricated Garage Kits is a complete pre-cut Kit from Jamaica Cottage Shop.Shipped on pallets, complete kits are made with solid hemlock and pine. If you’re looking for long term vehicle storage or something you drive in and out every day there are several kits possible to make this happen. These vehicle storage sheds are also wonderful for Workshops. The Two Bay Garage is our larges with sizes up to 24×40. This garage with loft is our most popular design. Offering two full size overhead garage doors and designed to be built on a concrete slab. Offering from a 600sq ft footprint on the 20×30 size upt to 960sq ft footprint on the largest garage size. Need something smaller? No fear, the 3 Sled Shed is geared more towards toys 4-wheelers storage & snowmobile and smaller vehicles offers sliding barn doors. These doors are 2 inches thick. One amazing thing about these sliding barn doors is that you don’t have to worry about shoveling the roof fall everytime you want to open the door. Our very aesthetic One Bay Garage is perfect inbetween. This garage with loft is perfect for vehicle storage. Also designed to sit on a concrete foundation it features a loft area and an 8ft transom window. Consider a 16ft wide “barn” as well. These larger outdoor car shed designs in particular are muc better suited out of solid hemlock and pine as opposed to other Prefabricated Garage Kits. his design is very versatile and would make a wonderful Vehicle Storage Space. Consider adding a second set of doors to the back of the building for a Drive-thru garage experience. Overhangs are very popular for vehicle storage as well. Consider adding an overhang to an existing building to protect your vehicle. The options are practically limitless.