The better you care for your recreational vehicles, the longer you’ll have them around for fun and adventure. Providing secure, weather-tight shelter is one of the best things you can do to keep your vehicles in top condition.

Protected Parking

By housing your recreational vehicles in a separate storage building rather than a packed garage, you’ll be able to get them in and out faster and with less risk of scratches and dings. Protected from the elements, they’ll stay clean and free from damage. A sturdy, locked building also helps prevent theft and vandalism.

If you have larger vehicles such as single rider ATVs, side by sides or snowmobiles, the Barn Garage can give them a spacious home. For motorcycles, dirt bikes, scooters, and other small vehicles, a storage shed such as the Hobby House is a perfect fit. Love to cycle? Set up a bike shed for your whole family’s bikes. You’ll even have room left for a unicycle or two.

Off-Season Shelter for You Watercraft

A one-bay garage provides a clean, dry environment for your jet boat, dinghy, power boat or other small to medium craft over the winter. A water scooter such as a Jet Ski or WaveRunner will be right at home in a small shed.

If kayaking, canoeing or windsurfing is your thing, give your boat or board the care it deserves with an exclusive space instead of a corner in the garage.

In addition to protecting your vehicle, a dedicated storage building gives you room to keep your maintenance supplies, spare tires, and safety gear well organized.

Whatever type of recreational vehicle you like to get around on, you can keep it looking sleek and reduce maintenance issues by housing it in a well built shelter. Choose traditional New England Post and Beam prefab storage sheds or prefab garage kits for your classic car collection.

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