Firewood Storage Buildings

Whether you burn wood all winter long for heat, or just enjoy a cozy fire on the weekends, the Vermont Cottage shop has the perfect firewood storage shed. A fire made with dry wood is not only easer to light; it will burn hotter, cleaner and provide more visual appeal.

Types of Firewood Sheds We Have for Sale

We design and sell firewood shed kits, plans, and ready-to-go prefabricated post and beam sheds. We have three basic designs of firewood storage sheds for sale. Small, large and combination firewood storage shed for sale. We want our firewood shed kits and buildings to stand the test of time. Therefore, all of our outdoor firewood sheds are made in the post and beam style with native Vermont lumber. This method of construction is seen in many parts of the world and has endured and persisted for millennia.

Our large woodsheds can handle the storage of over seven cords of firewood, while our smaller firewood sheds can store a single cord. We also have a range of combination woodshed and firewood storage sheds for sale.

Custom Firewood Sheds You Can Design

The reason that most of our wood sheds and firewood storage structure kits from the Jamaica Cottage Shop are made to order is that we know that people have unique storage needs. We can customize any of our storage buildings for you. We invite you to look at our firewood shed kits, prefab sheds, and plans. If you don’t see what you need, call us at (866) 297-3760. Our friendly design professionals are ready to help you!