Wooden Shed Windows

The barn sash windows on your shed or cabin do more than serve a utilitarian purpose. When skillfully designed, these tiny house windows contribute to the building’s character and ambiance.

Classically Beautiful Windows

The right amount of small shed windows lets in the daylight you need to work by while also creating an invitingly open, spacious feel. Rectangular 4×2 four over four or 3×2-foot windows three over three look right at home on a rectangular structure, while traditional square windows two lights over two suit any type of building. Installing hinged barn sash windows makes it easy to let in fresh air. Fixed storage shed windows, which have no mechanical parts to break, are a good choice for exceptional durability.

True divided-light wooden barn sash shed replacement windows, with slim muntins that divide the glass pane, add interest and gracefully frame the view. A decorative stained glass roundel lends a sense of time-honored artistry to even the simplest shed. The play of colors and light through these cottage windows makes them an inspiring addition to a studio or workshop. Browse our collection of storage shed windows for sale today!