As the hardware that holds your buildings together, screws are essential for durable, weathertight construction. Sturdy screws are available for all the wood, metal, drywall, and other material in your shed and cabin projects.

Reliable Joints and Connections

For joining wood, 1-inch Philips head woodworking screws offer easy installation and provide a secure hold. Their sleek black surface gives your woodworking a professionally finished look, making these screws ideal for crafting cabinets and furniture.

Versatile 3/4-inch pan head screws work well on wood, sheet metal, plastic, and particle-board. Small yet strong 7/16-inch framing (peanut) screws reliably secure the interior metal framing in your shed or cabin. If you need to hang drywall, consider 1-5/8-inch drywall screws with flat, bugle head that won’t pull through drywall. With their thin shank, they’re also less likely to split wood than thicker screws. When your ready to hang your doors, 1-5/8-inch door hinge screws can do the job.

A Secure, Weathertight Roof

Rugged roofing screws will keep your metal roofing secure and prevent leaks throughout wind storms, snow storms, and other inclement weather. These roofing screws are equipped with both a metal and rubber washer that together form a self-sealing finish. They’re coarsely threaded for faster installation and less risk of jamming. Available in several popular colors, the screws will blend in with your roof’s surface for an aesthetically appealing result.

By constructing your shed, cabin, cottage or other outbuilding with the right well made screws, you’ll get more years of problem-free enjoyment out of your building.