Recycling & Trash

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  • 3x5 Garbage Bin - Exterior3x5 Garbage Bin - Exterior

    Garbage Bin 3×5

    From: $1,101.00 From: $1,019.00

    This handy Vermont Post & Beam keep is in stock and ships right away.* Just the right size for two 55 gallon garbage cans, this little cottage will also hold a few miscellaneous tools. As bear proof as you are going to get, the Garbage Bin is of the same caliber as the larger buildings…

  • 4x8 Saltbox - exterior4x10 Saltbox - Custom exterior

    Saltbox Series 4x

    From: $1,220.00

    This sturdy Vermont Post & Beam shed is in stock and ships right away.* By far the most popular design, the Saltbox begs the word “traditional.” Built the same as they have been for centuries with a native rough sawn hemlock post and beam frame and rough sawn pine siding, this extremely versatile cottage garden…

  • 4x6 Gable - Exterior4x6 Gable - Winter sports storage

    Utility Shed

    From: $1,029.00 From: $1,025.00

    This strong little Vermont Post & Beam shed is in stock and ships right away.* Deep enough to step inside, this cottage will house garbage, recyclables, general storage or a hobby. With some organization bicycles could be hung. shelving and hooks added for additional storage. A ramp is included if you want it, push mowers…

  • 6x8 Nantucket - Custom exterior6x8 Nantucket - Exterior

    Nantucket 6×8

    From: $1,548.00 From: $1,364.00

    This cute little Vermont Post & Beam shed is in stock and ships right away.* This perfect little garden shed is one of our most popular designs. The traditional Nantucket 6x12 and 6x8 wooden shed has been designed to provide an economically priced versatile shed without compromising quality. Rugged post and beam techniques, passed down…

  • Pine wood pellet box3x2 Pellet Box
    On sale!

    Pellet Storage Bins

    From: $254.00 From: $219.00

    This heavy duty Vermont Post & Beam chest is in stock and ships right away. Our wood pellet storage bins are made from tongue and groove pine boards and attractive strap hinges with a hammered finish, these sturdy pellet bins can double as a bench seat or coffee table. Special lid stay hardware is included…

  • 2x4 Garbage Bin2x4 Garbage Bin - Pine

    2×4 Garbage Bin

    From: $589.00 From: $524.00

    This tough Vermont Post & Beam can-do container is in stock and ships right away. Flip the lid, toss the trash bags, and away you go. When it’s time to empty the shed just swing out the large double doors and slide the 38 gallon cans out of the shelter. This simple outdoor storage shed…

  • 4x10 Weekender - Exterior4x12 Weekender - Exterior

    Weekender 4x

    From: $1,243.00

    This all-in-one Vermont Post & Beam storage shed is in stock and ships right away.* This combined wood and equipment storage shed has it all! Start the wood-burning season off right, dry cordwood burns cleaner and hotter. The best way to cure firewood is to keep it dry and allow the air to pass through…

  • 4x4 Bus Stop - Evergreen roof4x6 Bus Stop - custom exterior of outdoor shelter

    Bus Stop

    From: $953.00 From: $914.00

    This trusty Vermont Post & Beam refuge is in stock and ships right away.* Do you remember walking uphill to school in a snow storm, both ways! Well kids these days may have it a bit easier, but waiting for the bus in the rain, wind and cold can be very unnerving for a parent.…

  • 4x4 Outhouse - available as a pre-cut kit4x4 Outhouse Shed

    Out House Shed

    From: $1,017.00

    This sturdy Vermont Post & Beam outbuilding is in stock and ships right away.* Functional or just for looks an outhouse is a staple of the countryside. A half moon design is cut out of the door. The history of the quarter-moon on the door of the outhouse goes way back to Europe in the…