Prefab sheds

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  • Stained Glass RoundelStained Glass Roundel

    One-of-a-kind circular stained glass window for your shed or cottage.  

  • 2x2 Window Hinged or Fixed. Pine Barn Sash WindowHardware for 16x21 Window

    2×2 Barn Window

    From: $163.00

    One 2 x 2 (24” x 24”) barn sash window with 6, true-divided lights. Windows are framed in high-quality pine and come primed in white on one side or unprimed. These barn windows for sale are available fixed or hinged. Hinged windows include all the mounting hardware.

  • 10x14 Tool Shed - custom exterior10x14 Tool Shed - Custom exterior

    Tool Shed

    From: $3,184.00 From: $1,964.00

    This charming spacious Vermont Post & Beam shed is in stock and ships right away.* The Toolshed is designed with a set of pine double doors and two barn sash windows (see spec. sheet). Another Cottage Shop original design, this storage building was the original tool shed here at the shop. This cottage’s ostentatious roof…

  • Three Sled Shed

    From: $3,554.00 From: $2,239.00

    This substantial Vermont Post & Beam storage shed is in stock and ships right away.* Another JCS original, this one is intended for quick and easy access to your favorite toys. We are very pleased to introduce this clever design. Each of the three bays is protected at the entrance with its own single sliding…

  • Wishing Well Bucket

    Wishing Well

    From: $1,273.00 From: $724.00

    This stout Vermont Post & Beam classic is in stock and ships right away.* At an overall height of around eight feet and a diameter of four feet, this DIY wishing well is not your typical flimsy backyard decoration, but a crafted piece of art that will surely enhance your landscape and become the topic…

  • On sale!

    Doll House 8x

    From: $1,967.00 From: $1,519.00

    This adorable Vermont Post & Beam multi-purpose design is in stock and ships right away.* This adorable Dollhouse is a beautiful playhouse with an impressive overall height of ten-and-a-half feet. Reminiscent of old Victorian houses, the steep roof-lines and graceful dormer add a fresh style to boring backyard sheds. The two 2×2 opening windows fill…

  • 4x4 Outhouse - available as a pre-cut kit4x4 Outhouse Shed

    Out House Shed

    From: $1,017.00 From: $849.00

    This sturdy Vermont Post & Beam outbuilding is in stock and ships right away.* Functional or just for looks an outhouse is a staple of the countryside. A half moon design is cut out of the door. The history of the quarter-moon on the door of the outhouse goes way back to Europe in the…

  • 8x10 Greenhouse - Custom Exterior8x10 Greenhouse - Exterior


    From: $2,562.00 From: $1,256.00

    This charming Vermont Post & Beam green house is in stock and ships right away.* This Greenhouse is charming, easy to use, and comfortable to work in. The plentiful barn sash windows hinged to open out, and the built-in workbench makes potting a breeze. This design features five six-light barn sash windows and an additional…

  • 5x10 Hardware Shed - Custom exterior6x10 Hardware Shed - Exterior

    Hardware Shed

    From: $2,015.00 From: $1,065.00

    This charming Vermont Post & Beam shed is in stock and ships right away.* A structure with personality this post and beam shed is truly unparalleled. First the size, six feet by ten feet is nothing seen in conventional shed stores. The different wall-heights help add to the curious shape and the arched door oozes…

  • 8x14 Weston Potting Shed Exterior6x14 Weston Potting Shed Exterior

    Weston Potting Shed

    From: $2,851.00 From: $2,199.00

    This clever Vermont Post & Beam potting shed is in stock and ships right away.* The first of this design sits on a hillside in prestigious Weston, Vermont. The Weston Potting Shed has an enclosed shed like space to store tools, a sheltered workstation, and a generous overhang on top of it all. The workstation…

  • 12x16 Cross Gable Exterior

    Cross Gable Cottage

    From: $3,197.00 From: $2,466.00

    This Vermont Post & Beam Cabin is in stock and ships right away!* This charming little cottage was originally designed in 2001 by Domenic Mangano for the Stratton Garden Show held the first week of May. The cross gable roof abounds with headroom and is a stylish addition to any property. This design could have…

  • 10x10 Bayside - CustomBayside - Custom interior


    From: $3,996.00 From: $2,309.00

    This clever Vermont Post & Beam shanty is in stock and ships right away.* The Bayside is a versatile & charming design. Whether it's a child’s playhouse, artist’s studio, pool house, road side stand or just a quiet retreat away from the main house. This building exudes enough charm and comfort to make anyone feel…