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  • Stained Glass RoundelStained Glass Roundel

    One-of-a-kind circular stained glass window for your shed or cottage.  

  • 2x2 Window Hinged or Fixed. Pine Barn Sash WindowHardware for 16x21 Window

    2×2 Barn Window

    From: $163.00

    One 2 x 2 (24” x 24”) barn sash window with 6, true-divided lights. Windows are framed in high-quality pine and come primed in white on one side or unprimed. These barn windows for sale are available fixed or hinged. Hinged windows include all the mounting hardware.

  • 48"x24" ten true divided lights hinged windowTen true divided lights 48

    4×2 Barn Window

    From: $219.00

    Handmade 4x2 ft Barn Sash Window, 10 light, ready to install. This split sash window comes primed or unprimed.  

  • 3x2 Hinged Barn Sash Window

    3×2 Barn Window

    From: $192.00

    One 3 x 2 (36” x 24”) window, with 8, true-divided lights. Window is made from high-quality pine and is primed white on one side or unprimed. Windows are available fixed or hinged.  Hinged barn sash windows include all the mounting hardware.

  • 2x4 Eight Light Barn Sash Window

    2×4 Barn Window

    From: $219.00

    One, 2 x 4 (24” x 48”) window  with eight true-divided lights. Barn sash window is framed in high-quality pine, and is unprimed. These small windows for sheds are intended to be installed vertically, but they may be installed as sliding windows.  

  • Screen door hardware kit

    This door knob installation kit includes everything you need for quick installation of wood combination doors.  

  • Wooden Screen Door

    Easy-Change wood combination doors provide the flexibility of quick changing storm and screen door inserts. These wooden storm doors for sale include a screen insert and a glass insert to change with the seasons.  

  • Wood Louvered Vent with screen and 1" thick slatsWood Louvered Vent with screen and 1

    Protect your outbuilding investment simply by adding wooden louvered vents. Wood louvered vents provide ventilation while the screen backing prevents unwanted critters (rodents, birds, bats, etc.) and debris from entering the building. Adequate venting will protect your building from future repairs by dispersing excess heat and preventing buildup of damp stale air in the winter. These…

  • Chain bolt door hardware

    One chain bolt to add extra security and safety to your interior and exterior doors. It is perfect for use in your shed, garage, warehouse, or barn.  

    On sale!

    4×8 Cupola

    From: $899.00 From: $699.00

    A cupola is a staple of traditional New England sugar shacks.  We offer our 4x8 cupola as both decorative and functional. While a simple decorative cupola is sure to enhance the look of your barn, shed, or outbuilding, a functional cupola has venting panels that will allow steam to escape from your working sugar shack. With…

  • Spring hinge for screen and storm doors
    On sale!

    Spring Hinges, 2 pcs

    $9.90 $9.42

    Storm door hinges can be used in right and left side applications and offer full surface coverage for a secure connection from screen door to frame.  

  • While great as a Window Box, the Wood Flower Box can also be used for Railings and Porches.Wooden Cedar Flower Box

    Constructed of high-quality, hand-crafted cedar. Includes a plastic insert with drainage plug.