2. Fully Assembled Turn Key


Turn Key designs are buildings that are in one way or another ready for year round living including amenities that make that living comfortable. All turn key designs include four season insulation. From there the additional options can vary. Some models will be set up for off-grid living with a basic solar package for electricity, wood stove or propane heat, composting or dry flush toilets and a gray water system to remove waste water from the building. Other designs may be traditional with a flushing toilet and a shower or bathtub combo with regular plumbing hook ups, standard electrical features with a 100 amp breaker box, outlets, switches and lights. Heating could be a wood stove and propane or oil, gas, and electric. Sometimes these designs could include partitioned off rooms, closets, kitchen cabinets and counters and other furnishings. Each turn key building that we design for our display yard ends up being a one of a kind structure.

Some turn key designs are very stripped down to just have a smoke detector with a composting toilet like the Queen Cottage. Add a solar powered shower and camp stove and you could technically be set for year round living. The Bunkie turn key build only includes the smoke detector so you may want to consider purchasing an outhouse, or a shed you can turn into a bathhouse to make sure your hygiene needs are met.

Our Scratch-n-Dent Turn Key display models are available in limited quantities, are first come, first served and are sold as is. These buildings are ready to be shipped immediately, or as soon as your site is ready. You may also consider saving some money by picking up your new home at our factory. Some designs will require permits or even police escorts. Vermont sales tax applies to any items that are picked up.