4. 4-Season Pre-Cut Kits- Scratch-N-Dent

Every once in awhile we will add four-season kits to our scratch-n-dent list. Most of the time these kits do not have any defects, they are usually cancelled orders, or popular items that we want to keep in stock to ship right away. These kits are available in very limited quantities, so if you see one that you want it is not a bad idea to purchase as soon as you can. They are first come, first served.

Most of our four season kits are designed with beginner carpenters in mind. We provide technical support if any questions come up as the build progresses, or if clarification is needed. When you receive the pallet of materials there will be an inventory list attached to the outside of the package, under the shipping label. This will be used to take inventory of your kit. The cut list outlines each piece that is used. Each part of the building will have a different color code. SKU numbers are used on the stickers and cut lists for easy inventory tracking. Step by step plans are included with the kit. Each step of the building process is outlined with detailed diagrams and written instruction. Recommended tools, foundation guidelines, floor system, post and beam framing, roof framing and roofing installation, siding installation and window and door installation instructions are all there.

4-Season kits include the rough sawn hemlock framing, pine siding, a corrugated metal roof, insulated doors, insulated double pane windows, fiberglass insulation for the floor and roof, ridged foam board insulation for the walls, vapor barrier for the floor, walls and roof, and interior sheathing for the walls and ceiling. Most of our 4-season kits will have the wall sheathing and ridged foam board insulation installed on the outside of the framing, so that the posts, beams, and angle braces are exposed. Our clients enjoy the post and beam aesthetic and do not want to conceal the framing for this reason. Some designs may differ from this description so it is always best to refer to our specification sheet to determine what is included with your kit.

Pre-cut kits include free shipping within the Continental United States and parts of Eastern Canada. See our Free Shipping page to learn more. Limitations do apply.