3. All Pre-Cut Kit Types

From time to time we will present pre-cut kits on our Scratch-n-Dent list. These usually result from cancelled orders, or we may choose to keep a popular kit in stock and ready for immediate shipment as a convenience to our customers. Sometimes these items will have an additional discount as a courtesy to our customers. Scratch-n-dent items are sold as is.

Pre-cut kits are shipped on stacked pallets. The post and beam framing is made of rough sawn, true dimensional hemlock. Each piece is pre-cut, and stickered with a color code that corresponds the to cut list. Step by step instructions with detailed diagrams and written steps are included. Customers will receive access to the plans before the kit arrives so that they may prepare their site.

Our pre-cut kits are offered in four versions: Frame Only, Complete, 3-Season and 4-Season. Frame only kits include everything needed to build the skeleton of the building: skids, floor joists, wall posts, beams and angle braces, and roof rafters and ridge pole are included for most designs. Structures that don’t come with skids and joists would have a pressure treated sill plate. Complete kits include the frame plus floor decking, siding, and metal roofing. Doors and windows are included with most designs. Some sheds will only have a door or a set of double doors without windows. Woodbins, Run Ins and the Camp Alcove are three siding buildings that do not have windows or doors.

Three season kits include the complete kit plus a vapor barrier for the floor, walls and roof, a layer of solid pine roof sheathing, and fiberglass insulation for the floor with a layer of 3/8” CDX plywood to hold it in. Four season kits include everything that is in the three season kit plus wall and roof insulation, interior sheathing for the walls and ceiling, and upgraded windows and doors.

Pre-cut kits include free shipping within the Continental United States and parts of Eastern Canada. See our Free Shipping page to learn more. Limitations do apply.