4. 144-195 sq ft

The designs that we sell that are between 144 square feet and 195 square feet of interior space are generally used for living as a cottage, cabin or tiny home. Other uses may include storage sheds, sugar shacks and livestock shelters. Most of the inventory will consist of fully assembled buildings but every once awhile a pre-cut kit order will get cancelled, or we may decide to keep a popular design in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Some examples of previous Scratch-n-Dent displays that fit in this square foot range include the 192 square foot 12×16 Emperor Cottage. This small post and beam cottage is jam packed with features including insulation, a small kitchenette and off-grid plumbing. It was designed as a budget friendly solution for a tiny house with a little extra room to stretch out in. A four season 12×16 Harvester pre-cut kit was also added to inventory after a cancellation. This kit includes everything needed to build a weather tight shell plus insulation, vapor barrier, solid pine roof sheathing, double pane windows and a nine-lite insulated steel door.

If you keep an eye on our Scratch-n-Dent catalog it is possible that you may find the Cross Gable, Xylia, Pond House, Nook, Tiny House on Wheels, Hobby House, Bayside, Backyard Retreat, Writer’s Haven, Bunkhouse, Smithaven or Love Nest, all of which can be used as living or storage. If you don’t find these designs on this page we can always build a new one. Storage sheds that could be included in the future include the Weston Potting Shed, Church Street Shed, Dollhouse, Florida Room, Potting Fort, Sugar Shack, Three Sled Shed, Run In Standard, the 8×20 Woodbin, 10×16 Weekender, Gable Sheds, and Saltbox Sheds. Many of these designs can also be converted into cottages or cabins if the four season or turn key options are offered.