Scratch and dent buildings that are priced between $5,000 and $10,000 tend to be premium storage sheds and cottages. These buildings are on display at our factory in South Londonderry, Vermont. Most of the time these buildings will be in great shape aside from some minor wear from being a display model. Because of this we like to discount these buildings. Not only that but these designs are ready to ship. If you are in a hurry to get a building on your site the Scratch-n-Dent page is the best place to start for quick delivery. These buildings are first come first served and are available in limited quantities.

Here are some examples of some recent designs offered in this price range. The 8×10 Bunkie is a fully assembled four season build. It comes equipped with four season insulation throughout, a nine-lite insulated steel door, and  a double pane window. This one room cottage is suitable to use as a backyard guest room, a small hunting camp or a home office. Our founder wanted to create something that would fit in a small budget, but could also be used year round.

The Camp Alcove is a wonderful three sided lean-to design for those who want to camp under the stars without a tent but would like a little more protection from the elements. It includes a built in bench. The two-foot overhang on the front provides extra protection from rain and snow. These two buildings are popular purchases from campground owners.

The Saltbox and Gable Sheds often show up on this list. These are our simple but premium storage sheds. They include pine board and batten siding, a set of double doors with ramp, barn sash windows and a painted evergreen corrugated metal roof.

Finally in this price range you will be able to get a pretty large woodbin. The 8×20 Woodbin can store up to seven cords of stacked dry firewood. Consider getting one with alternating siding for improved air flow. This will keep your firewood dry through the winter.