Items that you may find in our Scratch-n-Dent catalog, that are under $1,000, usually include small, ready to assemble storage solutions, our ready to assemble cupola and our octagon picnic table. These items are first come, first served, so if you see something you want you should purchase right away. Because these items are already in inventory they are ready to ship right away.

Our octagon picnic table is sturdily constructed and can seat up to eight people comfortably. Our cupolas are 4-feet wide by 8-feet long and include an evergreen metal roof. They are designed to be toenailed on top of another structure as a decoration. Some cutting to fit your roof may be required. We usually keep some 2×4 Garden Closets in stock. Customers usually keep these closets in their garage or under an overhang. They are a wonderful structure for storing garden tools or patio cushions. The 2×4 Garbage Bin can hide away two big garbage cans. The flip top lid makes it easy to toss your trash bags in and double doors make it just as simple to pull the trash cans out. We usually keep some Pellet Boxes in stock. These handy chests were designed to store wood pellets for a pellet stove, but can be used for so much more. Other uses include toy box, blanket chest, boot and shoe storage, linen storage, board game storage, etc. The Garden Closet and Garbage Bin are usually offered in Pine or Cedar.

From time to time we may offer fame only kits for some of our smaller structures. These may include the Nantucket, 4-foot wide Saltbox and Utility sheds, our smaller Chicken Coops, 4×8 Woodbins, or the Outhouse Shed. Frame only kits include skids or pressure treated sill plate, floor joists (with skids only), wall framing, and roof framing. Check back often to see when we update this catalog for new items. These low-priced storage solutions and sheds move fast.