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Any of our designs that are over fourteen feet wide (16, 18, 20,  and 24) are offered as pre-cut kits, either frame only, complete, 3-Season or 4-Season. Pre-cut kits on our Scratch-n-Dent list are usually cancelled orders that we had already produced, or popular items that we want to keep in stock and ready for immediate shipping. These larger designs include our roomier post and beam cabins and cottages, barns, garages and sugar shacks. Some of these designs use mortise and tenon timber framing techniques.

Our frame only kits include the hemlock floor skids and joists, wall posts and beams, roof rafters and ridge pole. If a frame only kit is included in our Scratch-n-Dent catalog additional materials may be purchased for use in floor decking, siding and roofing. A variety of double pane insulated or barn sash windows may be purchased through our website. Two-inch thick solid pine doors or insulated doors are also ready to buy in the accessories section of our online shop.

Complete kits include everything in the frame only kit plus floor decking, siding, and roofing material. Most designs also include windows and doors. See the specification sheet on each product page to learn what is included with each type of kit.

3 and 4-Season Kits include insulation materials. A three-season design will usually include a vapor barrier for the floor, walls and roof, floor insulation with 3/8” plywood, and solid pine roof sheathing. Millwork will be barn sash windows and solid pine doors. This sets the building up for Spring through Fall use. Four season buildings will also include insulation for the walls and roof, interior wall and ceiling sheathing and insulated windows and doors. When a building is set up for four season options it can be lived in year round once a heat source is added.