2. 8X

Our selection of Scratch-n-Dent inventory buildings, that are built eight-feet wide include a selection of versatile buildings for your storage, livestock and living needs. Our Economy Vermonter sheds are a popular item for those who need an immediate and affordable storage solution. This design is available in sizes ranging from 8×8 up to 8×16. From time to time we may also include some Economy New Yorkers. This design is similar to the Vermonter, but is two feet taller allowing for additional vertical storage space. The wall heights are ideal for adding shelving or a storage loft. Economy buildings are built with a Galvalume Corrugated Metal Roof, and economy grade siding. The siding is ideal to use as base for installing premium horizontal siding, cedar shingles, or leave as is and let it weather for a rustic style. Larger firewood storage solutions are usually in stock, like the 8×20 Woodbin with alternating siding. Our woodbins and other firewood storage sheds are built with upgraded flooring to hold the weight of your cord wood.

Often times a selection of our premium sheds may be offered. The Gable, Saltbox, Dollhouse, Tool Shed, Garden Shed, and Hardware Shed are a few designs that come to mind. If you are in the market for a tiny house the eight-foot wide buildings are the way to go. It is common for us to have a THOW (tiny house on wheels) Shell in stock ready to ship, in sizes 8×16, 8×20 and 8×24. Our simple Bunkie Cottage is a tiny four season structure that is ready for year round comfort once you add a heating source.

All Scratch-n-Dent inventory buildings are first come, first served, sold as is, and are ready to be shipped right away. They meet our high standard of structural quality. Most of these items are not scratched or dented, but may have minor wear since they are used as display models while they wait to be chose for their new homes. Some of these designs may be built from economy materials so that you may enjoy additional savings. In some cases there may be some minor cosmetic blemishes, but these do not affect the structural integrity of the building. Scratch-n-Dent buildings are all eligible for financing so you can buy now.