5. 14X

This selection of our fourteen-wide buildings will be the widest fully assembled items that can be shipped over the road. Extra wide load permitting will be required for most delivery addresses. Occasionally we may offer some of our 14x buildings as kits on our scratch-n-dent list if an order is cancelled or if we notice high demand for a particular design.

These larger post and beam structures are usually used as barns, sugar shacks, garages, or as cabins. We usually like to have at least one 14-foot wide four season building on display because the size allows us to pack in more features to show off how versatile the buildings are. The 14×26 Solar Cabin comes with a screened in porch, a open living area with basic kitchenette, a small bedroom and bathroom with composting toilet and shower. A basic solar package, wood stove and backup propane heater are additional features that make this design comfy for year round, off-grid living. The Xylia is another design you might find on clearance and is a popular choice to use as a cabin or art studio. Sugar Shacks are a New England staple and are most often used for processing maple syrup, but could also be converted into a tiny home.

We like to keep some barns and garages in stock too. The barn can be purchased in the 14×20, 14×24 and 14×30 sizes. We also have a One Bay Garage with Loft that can be built with an 8-foot wide overhang add-on. Keep an eye on our Scratch-n-Dent list just in case we get one of those in stock.

All Scratch-n-Dent inventory buildings are first come, first served, sold as is, and are ready to be shipped right away. They meet our high standard of structural quality. Most of these items are not scratched or dented, but may have minor wear since they are used as display models while they wait to be chose for their new homes. Some of these designs may be built from economy materials so that you may enjoy additional savings. In some cases there may be some minor cosmetic blemishes, but these do not affect the structural integrity of the building. Scratch-n-Dent buildings are all eligible for financing so you can buy now.