4. 12X

Twelve-foot wide buildings that can be found in our Scratch-n-Dent display yard are designed for storage, livestock shelter and living needs. These larger designs provide ample room for storing landscaping equipment, atvs and snow mobiles, housing goats, sheep, llamas, horses and other cattle, or can be used as a tiny house with room to stretch.

It isn’t uncommon to find 12×20 Run In Standard sheds in stock. This popular design is most often used for horse housing, but is also useful for storing tractors, feed and firewood. Sugar Shacks are a staple of New England with maple syrup production always in demand. Other storage designs you may encounter on our inventory list include the Three Sled Shed, Tool Shed, Saltbox, Gable, and Cross Gable. Larger firewood sheds, or combo storage sheds might make an appearance, or you can have us build you a new one. Twelve-foot wide buildings are roomy enough to use as a single bay garage, stall barn or multi room structure like the Heritage.

If you are looking for a small cottage or cabin you can usually find some ready to ship items in stock. The 12×16 Emperor Cottage packs many features into a tiny space and is ideal for off-grid living. The Florida Room, Xylia, Home Office, Gibraltar, Writer’s Haven, Smithaven and Love Nest are other designs that may make an appearance as a display model. From time to time we will get a cancelled kit order that we will add to our clearance catalog at a discount to you.

All Scratch-n-Dent inventory buildings are first come, first served, sold as is, and are ready to be shipped right away. They meet our high standard of structural quality. Most of these items are not scratched or dented, but may have minor wear since they are used as display models while they wait to be chose for their new homes. Some of these designs may be built from economy materials so that you may enjoy additional savings. In some cases there may be some minor cosmetic blemishes, but these do not affect the structural integrity of the building. Scratch-n-Dent buildings are all eligible for financing so you can buy now.