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  • 12x24 Xylia - Custom Exterior12x24 Xylia - Exploded view

    Xylia Cottage Plans

    $105.00 $79.90

    A new small cottage design to help you with your housing needs. This cozy small cabin building plan is the perfect solution for your isolated New England property, backyard guest house or mother in law cottage. To view a virtual walk through of the small custom home, see the video tab below. A free materials list for…

  • 12x14 Writers Haven12x14 Writers Haven - Exploded View Diagram

    Writers Haven Plans

    $105.00 $89.90

    Imagine having your own private Writer’s Haven: A place to be alone with your thoughts. Just as Henry David Thoreau had his cabin on Walden Pond, you too could have a sanctuary of your very own with our studio cottage plans. A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials locally.…

  • 10x16 Smithaven Exterior10x20 Smithaven - Exploded view diagram

    Smithaven Plans

    $105.00 $59.90

    The Smithaven is the perfect choice for use as a work-shop, artisan studio, backyard office or a stylish storage shed. The extra barn sash and transom windows offer lots of natural light while the dormer adds extra headroom to the space. If you are looking for something to be used year-round we offer many options…

  • 8x18 Heritage - Exterior8x18 Heritage Exploded View

    Heritage Plans

    $105.00 $59.90

    This Cottage is one of my favorites. It is in response to the many who have asked for a multi purpose building that will keep both happy. It took a year and twelve revisions before this design was finalized. It makes very good use of the space while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The 5’…

  • 10x16 Pond House - custom exterior10x16 Pond House - Exploded View

    Pond House Cabin Plans

    $105.00 $59.90

    This is an example of one of our most popular prefab cottage plans that has been customized with front porch railings. The custom roof is finished with attractive and long lasting cedar shingles. The siding is white painted pine clapboards. A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials locally.

  • 4x4 Outhouse Shed - Custom exterior

    Working Out House Plans

    $105.00 $59.90

    These outhouse building plans for sale can be incorporated with a composting toilet or be equipped with a working hole or used just for looks to store hand tools. Our optional toilet package for these outhouse blueprints includes a bench seat, a toilet seat and a hopper. The walls are constructed of 4x4 post and…

  • 8x16 Bunk House8x16 Bunk House - Exploded view

    Bunk House Plans

    From: $50.00 From: $39.95

    The four-foot porch and interior space is enhanced by the loft over the porch. The loft has a small opening window just right for that little investigator in your family. There is a bunk bed built into this cottage making it a real bunk house. A set of double doors can be added into this…

  • 6x12 Nantucket - Exterior

    The 6x12 Nantucket is traditionally built the same way they have been for centuries with a native rough sawn hemlock post and beam frame and rough sawn pine siding, these small backyard sheds have a roomy interior that will provide endless storage possibilities. A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials…

  • 4x10 Garbage Shed - recycling storage shed

    Garbage Shed Plans

    $105.00 $39.90

    Originally designed as a garbage shed strong enough to withstand the pesky critters that frequent our area, this little building is practical for many uses. The two sets of double doors allow for easy access making it effortless to separate your garbage and recycling. Use this outdoor wooden trash can holder shed plan to build…

  • 4x8 Saltbox - exterior

    Saltbox Series 4x Plans

    $105.00 $39.90

    The Saltbox 4x8 shed comes standard with a set of pine double doors (see spec. sheet). This simple and practical design is strong enough to withstand the pesky critters that frequent our area. The double doors allow for easy access, making stored items effortless to get to. Use these small tool shed plans to create a…

  • 6x12 Nantucket - Exterior

    Garbage Bin 3×5 Plans

    $105.00 $29.98

    Just the right size for two fatty garbage cans this little cottage will also hold a few miscellaneous tools. These wooden garbage bin storage plans are of the same caliber as those for larger buildings with solid doors with full door stops and heavy duty hardware keeping the pesky varmints away from the vittles. Attractive…

  • 8x10 Vermonter - Custom exterior

    Vermonter Series 8x Plans

    $105.00 $29.98

    Choose your eight-foot-wide post and beam shed from lengths to twenty feet long. The Vermonter has the double doors on the gable end where the water does not drip off the roof. Purchase the Vermonter barn style shed plans in three different forms. A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials…