Garden & Potting Plans

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  • 8x12 Church Street - Exterior

    Church Street Shed Plans

    $105.00 $59.90

    The Church Street small potting shed plan details a standard greenhouse with a set of pine double doors with a PT ramp, (2) barn sash windows, horizontal clapboard siding, architectural asphalt shingles, and a copper roll ridge cap adding elegance to an already charming design (see spec. sheet). A free materials list can be downloaded…

  • Florida Room Plans

    From: $50.00 From: $29.95

    Our Florida Room screen house is an outside retreat from your main house, a space to watch the sunset or wildlife, or just a place to sit by the pond. It is a natural way to battle biting insects. A free materials list can be downloaded for comparison of purchasing the materials locally. Click here for for the…

  • 6x8 Greenhouse Exterior

    Greenhouse Plans

    $105.00 $59.90

    There are many manufacturers that produce green houses. This one is an original design by JCS. The plentiful barn sash windows are hinged to open out, making the design of these wooden greenhouse plans comfortable and easy to use and the built-in workbench makes potting a breeze. A free materials list can be downloaded for comparison…

  • Potting Fort Plans

    $105.00 $59.90

    This little cabin plan with a porch was designed for storage and gardening purposes but has proven useful in so many ways including as a vending booth, artist studio, pool house, and a sanctuary away from the main house. A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of purchasing the materials locally.

  • 4x4 Wishing Well - Built with cedar shakes

    Wishing Well Plans

    $105.00 $39.90

    At an overall height of just over seven feet and a diameter of four feet, the wooden wishing well in these plans is not your typical flimsy backyard decoration but a crafted piece of art that will surely enhance your landscape and become the topic of conversation.  The round base sits on pressure treated lumber.…

  • 8x12 Tool Shed - Exterior

    Tool Shed Plans

    From: $50.00 From: $39.95

    The Tool Shed plans are a design with a set of pine double doors and two barn sash windows (see spec. sheet). Another Cottage Shop original design, this storage building was the original tool shed here at the shop. This cottage’s ostentatious roof is a hip scheme with galvanized metal and a gable dormer as the lead…

  • 4x10 Hardware Shed - Exterior

    Hardware Shed Plans

    $105.00 $39.90

    A structure with personality this post and beam shed is truly unparalleled. First the size, six feet by ten feet is nothing seen in conventional shed stores.  The different wall-heights help add to the curious shape and the arched door oozes the right kind of charm. A free materials list can be downloaded here for comparison of…

  • 10x14 Camp Alcove - Clearance lean-to

    Camp Alcove Plans

    $105.00 $79.90

    These extremely versatile camp shelter plans have a very rugged frame that will withstand the test of time. This lean-to has a saltbox style roof with a 24" front overhang to shelter the inside from the elements. Similar to structures found in the Green Mountains and along the famous Long Trail, the Lean-To pre-cut kit…

  • 6x8 Nantucket - Exterior

    Nantucket 6×8 Plans

    $105.00 $29.98

    The 6×8 Nantucket post and beam shed has been strategically designed not to compromise quality. Traditionally built the same as they have been for centuries with a native rough sawn hemlock post and beam frame and rough sawn pine siding. The roomy interior will provide endless shelter possibilities. A free materials list can be downloaded here for…

  • 4x6 Gable - Exterior

    Utility Shed Plans

    $105.00 $49.90

    Deep enough to step inside, this basic utility shed will house garbage, recyclables, general storage or a hobby. With some organization like adding shelving and hooks, additional storage including hanging bicylces, is a breeze. A free materials list can be downloaded for comparison of purchasing the materials locally: Click here to download the materials list for the 6x4. Click here to…

  • 4x6 Bus Stop

    Bus Stop Plans

    $105.00 $35.90

    Do you remember walking uphill to school in a snowstorm, both ways? Well kids these days may have it a bit easier, but waiting for the bus in the rain, wind and cold can be very unnerving for a parent. Put your worries to rest knowing that the children will be huddled in this bus…

  • 4x4 Outhouse Shed - Exterior

    Out House Shed Plans

    $105.00 $49.90

    A little building such as this can be incorporated with a composting toilet or be equipped with a working hole or used just for looks to store hand tools. Our optional outhouse toilet package consists of includes a bench seat, a toilet seat and a hopper. The walls are constructed of 4x4 post and beam…