Outdoor Toilets

Whether you are you living off grid, remotely, in a tiny house, camper, or any other situation in which plumbing is problematic doing your duty doesn’t have to be. We offered three main types of outdoor cabin toilets for sale. Outdoor outhouses, composting toilet, and a dry flush toilet. Go old-school with a traditional out house. Functional outhouse kits are easy to build And include a functional hopper, Bench with seat and an solid pine door with moon cut out.

Consider upgrading to poly clear roofing to look for lighting. Other cabin toilet options include a drive plus toilet. This option is electric but does not require plumbing. Drive/systems essentially seal waste unsanitary fashion for future disposal. This option is great for limited use, occasionally use, and perfect for tight quarters in which emptying a composting toilet could be particularly cumbersome. Check plus toilets do require cartridges. If you’re considering this option for heavy usage remember to budget cartridges Phils average about a dollar per use. Composting toilets for cabins are very popular option. Cost per use is very low and minimal footprint is created as sawdust or a daily mix is all you need. How are natures head composting toilet is one of the best in the business of doing business. Put this in your tiny house, off grid cabin, or even your camper. This nature friendly throne functions essentially two separate liquid from solid waste. The smaller compartment makes disposing of liquids quite easy. A little sadness or daily mix two salads helps begin the composting process. Composting toilets such as these are One of the more environmentally friendly options you can get. This option is best in home layouts where the bathroom is easily accessible. Want an out house but not ready for the whole hopper experience? Get in our house shed and put a dry flush or composting toilet inside of it.