Wooden Playhouse Sheds

Few places in the garden spark a child’s imagination like a play house. By adding one of our Vermont pine outdoor play houses to your property, you’ll be providing healthy entertainment for the kids and increasing the functionality of your living space.

Inspiration for Imaginative Play

To a child, a play house can be anything from their own private home to an enchanted castle or a pirate ship. It encourages outdoor exercise and unstructured, autonomous play, promoting health and building a sense of independence and responsibility. It’s also a fun, distraction-free environment for homework.

Many of our kids’ wooden playhouses for sale are available to suit your home’s architectural design and your children’s preferences.  With its steeply-pitched, gabled roof and prim cut-up windows, the Doll House has a graceful, traditional feel that’s perfect for little ones who love to play house. The charming Pond House carries a similar ambiance. The Writer’s Haven offers a more rustic, close-to-nature atmosphere ideal for kids who love the outdoors.

For two children, the two-room, his-and-hers layout of the Heritage Cottage provides even more options for imaginative play while encouraging cooperation and sharing. Prefab kids’ outdoor playhouses, kits and plans are available for most models.

Years of Versatile Use

When the kids are grown, you can easily convert our wooden playhouses for sale into a storage space, workshop, guesthouse or your own private escape for peace and relaxation. For example, you might choose one of our big playhouses for sale that have a cute, child-sized door, but then install a large double door later to turn the building into an easily accessible storage area. With some minor alterations, the Writer’s Haven and Pond House Cabin can make inviting guesthouses.

Outdoor playhouses for sale not only get the kids outside for hours of imaginative, self-directed play, but they also provide you with numerous opportunities for expanding your living space once the children are older. Order one of our large playhouses for your children today!