Off-Grid Cabins

Off-grid living has become very popular over the last few years. Whether you are looking to live off-grid full time or just during the summers as a peaceful getaway, nothing beats the simplicity of this style of living. Our pre-cut kits come with the materials to build weather tight shells perfect for a hunting cabin or as a lake camp. The design possibilities of off-grid tiny houses are numerous depending on what size cottage you are considering. Many of these designs like the Home Office, Homesteader, and Gibraltar come with a porch built in, ideal for taking in the majesty of the woods surrounding you.

Escape from the stress of the everyday grind by unwinding in the country. Untether from the internet and electricity with our off-grid options. You can of course add electricity if needed later, but many find these off-grid cottages as a haven to reflect on simple living. Keep the kids off their phones and enjoy family time together using one of these off-grid tiny house designs as a lake home. With one of our off-grid cabins for sale, you can enjoy the splendors of nature around you from the sun dancing between the canopy leaves to the twinkling of the stars above at night.

These cottage kits have been modified by clients from time to time to even be built as a tree house. When detaching from many of the modern amenities you may find yourself in need of an outhouse. No need to look far, our outhouse kits go perfectly with a rustic Vermont Cottage. Crafted as post and beam buildings with sturdy green hemlock framing and sided with Eastern White Pine, these designs blend seamlessly with the New England forests. Whether you are building in the woods or right in town, these off-grid cabins for sale deliver classic aesthetics. Each design comes with affordable pricing to make a cozy guest or lake house.