If you sell your farm’s produce or any other product, the building you work from has a powerful influence on whether or not people come in to buy. A beautifully constructed stand or booth grabs attention draws eyeballs and encourages shoppers to stop in.  Besides location curb appeal is a big reason for farm stand success.

Appealing to Your Customer

To your potential customers, your stand reflects the quality of your products. A vendor building made of naturally traditional Vermont pine and hemlock using robust post-and-beam construction techniques shows them you’re serious about providing quality.

A stand with eye-catching architecture, such as the Love Nest or Writer’s Haven, draws attention from a distance and can win you customers who might have otherwise overlooked you.

Choose a design with a covered porch and your visitors will have additional shelter from rain and hot sun, a big plus if you sell ready-to-eat food. It also lets you display your products outdoors in any kind of weather.

Practical for You

With their spacious, open interiors, cabins and cottages let you set up tables and shelving in the way that’s most efficient for you, whether you’re selling produce, quilts or hot dogs. You’ll also have the freedom to install lighting where you need it most, making your work easier and reducing risk of accidents.

A ruggedly built cabin can be used year round or as a seasonal rental, so you won’t waste time and energy setting up and dismantling a temporary stand. During the off season, the building provides secure storage for your display racks, equipment and other supplies. If you ever decide to stop selling, you can turn the building into a workshop, kid’s bunkhouse or guest house.

If you want to work from a comfortable, well organized premises that readily draws in customers, invest in a smartly designed rough sawn farm stand or vendor booth.