JCS Living Accessories are exactly what you need to embellish and enhance your project. Make any project truly and uniquely yours by adding special windows, shelves, a fancy door or an out house. Give it your own vibe by featuring a Glass Roundel. With everything from Composting Toilets, to Cedar Flower boxes, Jamaica Cottage Shop has you covered. When living in a small space or off grid, you’re going to have to get creative with your storage spaces and wood shed accessories. Pellet boxes can make it easy to stay warm during the cold months. A garden closet is a great solutions for blankets and tools, you can even store dishes. A bag drying rack is a wonderful tool if you’re into sustainability and leaving a small footprint. Reusing bags is easy with the help of this bag drying rack. Tie racks are impressive space savers. Wooden peg racks can give a rustic feel while being affordable and keeping you organized. Hang your hat, your boots, your mittens and even prop up your skis with the wooden peg racks. Outhouses are under rated. They are wonderful solutions when plumbing is an issue. Working outhouse kits come with a functional hopper. For a contemporary and less rustic vibe, you can build an outhouse shed and house a composting toilet in it. If you want to try something very unique, built you outhouse shed inside your cabin instead of building a patrician around your composting toilet. These Pre-Fab Tiny House Kits are highly customizable to match other surrounding structures or just to add your personal flare. Options like Cedar Siding or Cedar Shakes for a fairy tale cabin are all possible. Want to work with your own materials or get a better idea of how to build a small cabin? Take a look a the cottage plans for sale. The plans are neatly laid out and include a material list, cutting instructions, and step by step diagrams to help you learn to build the affordable cabin of your dreams.