Just a few years ago, the term “tiny house” didn’t even exist. Now, the little cottage homes movement is sweeping the nation. So what exactly is this giant movement towards little houses on wheels about?

Typical small prefab cottages are between 125 to 500 square feet. There are many motivations for little cottage homes, but one of the greatest principles is simple and free living. The minimalist ideals of tiny home living allow financial freedom and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

While each tiny home is as unique as the fingerprints that built it, putting tiny houses on wheels has become a common theme in the tiny movement. Not only does this provide the ability to have any vantage point from your front porch that a road can lead you to, you’re also able to avoid cumbersome building regulations. Since your tiny house is on a trailer, your registration comes from the Motor Vehicle Department; the zoning and building requirements that come with traditional home building do not apply.

While building little houses on wheels involves less paperwork than a traditional home, you do have to consider how much weight the trailer can hold while designing your home. The weight of the trailer, the home itself, and all of the belongings in it can add up fast. For this reason, many owners of tiny houses on wheels opt to use a double axle trailer, which distributes the weight of the home between two axles, and doubles the total weight the trailer can support.

Another huge question that is probably floating through your mind is the matter of getting water in and out. No matter how simple your life is, all living things need water, and your water will have to be disposed of some way.

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