Prefab Cottage Homes

Cottages are quaint, customizable and great for many purposes. A cottage can be used as a guest house, a garden or tool shed, or countless other things. When you hear the word “cottage,” you probably imagine cottages near lakes and on farms. With the options available today, our do it yourself cabins and prefab cottage designs and kits are extremely versatile. You may actually be surprised to discover some of the more obscure uses for prefab cottage homes.

Cottage Uses You May Have Never Considered:

Considering the many potential uses of cottages, buying and owning one can be a great investment for a landowner. This is especially true when your cottage is constructed using quality materials, such as premium types of wood.

Some would say that a cottage stops being a cottage as it gets larger. If it’s big enough, it begins to fall under the classification of a cabin or tiny home. When purchasing such a structure for use on your property, it’s always best to erect it according to your specific standards.

The Best Part About Do-It-Yourself Cabins

Jamaica Cottage Shop is a proud provider of modular cottage homes of all varieties. The best part about our do-it-yourself cabins is that we base our popular configurations on both traditional designs and feedback from our previous customers. We also make sure to use only the best Vermont lumber. Reach out to Jamaica Cottage Shop today to learn more about our vast array of popular and customizable prefab cottage homes to give your property a functional and visual facelift!