Sheep & Goat Shelters for Sale

Need a Sheep Shelter or a place for your goat to chill? Goat and sheep sheds can be easy fun projects from Jamaica Cottage Shop. Run-In sheds provide shelter for a variety of animals including Sheep and Goats. Our pre-fab goat barns for sale are a wonderful budget-friendly option for herders. Sheer your sheep under protection from the sun in a Stall barn. Building not your thing? If you’re in the New England area it’s very possible we can ship you an Affordable Barn that’s already built. Maybe you’re in Montana though, no sweat. Affordable animal barn kits ship nationwide. Our Easy to assemble complete Run-In and Stall Barn kits offer free shipping options. Need a large goat or sheep barn? No worries, we have that too, sized up to 24×40 options exist. Are you on a budget? We offer easy financing options to help you get what you need when you need it. Run-In shelters are perfect for goats. Put in a window or consider getting a clear poly panel to do some customizations on you roof. Our kits ship with the standard layout but with knowledgeable tech support experts just a phone call away, we can help with questions you may have. Give your Goat or Sheep a great place to sleep or Simply Stay out of the Rain.  Provide excellent shelter with a Garage Kit even. Some of our Garage options would make excellent barns. Want a loft? Check out the One bay garage. The equipment shed comes in several large sizes to house the whole herd. Building a Sheep House is easy with the pre-cut kit and easy to read instructions. Do you have material of your own? Maybe you need to replace an old barn, honor it and save money by repurposing the materials. Easy to read plans include a shopping list, cut list, instructions, and helpful diagrams. Animal barn kits are geared towards novice carpenters. It’s been said “If you know which way to hold a hammer, you’ll be fine putting one of these kits together.”