Prefab Barns for Sale

Having your own barn gives you space to house your animals in a way that benefits their health and well-being, and makes farming and horse care a little easier on you.

Practicality and Peace of Mind

If you keep dairy cows, sheep or goats, a specialty pre-built barn helps you create safe, healthy conditions that encourage productivity. If you’re a horse owner, a one-time investment in a barn can save you money compared to paying on-going boarding fees. You’ll also have full control over your horse’s nutrition and know your horse won’t suffer neglect or stress.

Barn Kit Options for Every Home and Farm

A shed row barn offers a budget-friendly, space-saving way to provide more protection than a run-in shed can. A stall barn gives you even more sheltered space for feeding, grooming, and shoeing. If you need a movable building, a portable barn is a practical choice.

Custom wooden barn kit sizes and features are available. A large stall barn provides space to store all your tack, as well as grain and supplements. To stay organized, add a tack room for feed and hay storage. In a barn with a loft, you’ll have a convenient place to store your hay while preserving its quality. By choosing barred partitions, you’ll let more light into the stalls and allow your horses see their surroundings, keeping them calmer.

Sliding doors make it easy to move animals and equipment through. Dutch doors let in fresh air while keeping your horses secure. The yard barns for sale are built with sturdy kick plates to protect the interior walls and heavy door hardware that stands up to frequent use. The board and batten siding gives these barns a timeless beauty.

With a Vermont-built prefab barn customized to meet your needs, you can provide good living conditions for your animals and good working conditions for yourself.