Looking for the perfect farm stand & vendor booth for your maple syrup, vegetables or other homemade wonders? Many of our clients have successfully used our buildings in the past for this exact purpose! Get the perfect size for any use, from a larger, more permanent structure to a 4×4 for smaller operations, we have what you need.

Get our 4×4 Bus Stop and put a table inside and you’ve got yourself the perfect roadside stand for small good such as maple syrup or pies. Upgrade that to a slightly larger utility shed or even the Vermonter or New Yorker if you have a wide array of products that you would like to showcase.

Still not enough room for your current operation? Look at our Home Office or Harvester design. We offer these mid-sized buildings that would be perfect for a medium sized operation. Own a small farm with lots of vegetables and maybe some eggs? These would be the perfect size. If you would like an open-air option, our Florida Room is screened on all sides, perfect to let that breeze in on hot summer days.

If you’re a large operation like an orchard, with many different items, one of our barns or Vermont Cottages should be the perfect size for you. You’ll have enough room for all of your fruits, vegetables, baked goods, canned goods and other items in our buildings that are up to 16×30. Heck, add on an overhang for even more space outside!

All of our buildings are made out of locally sourced, sustainable rough-sawn lumber. We pre-cut everything in our kits and send them off to you. All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions to build your brand new farm stand & vendor booth. Give us a call today and let our small business help yours.