Dogs and cats- what did we do to deserve them? Do you love your dog but are unable to leave the house without crating them for fear of your sheet rock? Check out these unique options for Dog and Cat House Pre-Fab Kits. Also possible as D.I.Y. Plans with instructions on how to build your own pet shelter. Is your cat getting “cattitude” because they are not allowed to go outside without your supervision? Perhaps consider building them a screened enclosure for your kitties to bask in the sunshine, or giving your pup a doghouse even your husband will want to sleep in. Whether it’s seasonal or throughout the year, we have many outdoor dog and cat sheds available for your fur babies. You can match the main house with all of our roofing and siding options. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood for your doting affection to your cats/dogs. Attractive and unconventional, your affordable dog outdoor shelter kit can make your backyard standout. With our products made from post and beam lumber, they are way more durable than conventional building material and increasingly rugged to withstand even the most insistent chewers/ and your cat will thank you for the scratching posts! These outdoor dog and cat sheds have Free shipping options as well. Never again come home to your house ripped to pieces, simply set the pets up out in their own little house. Maybe your pet isn’t a menace, and you want the finest for them. Purchasing something GREAT starts with us. Get a fully assembled unit or build from a pre-cut kit with our DIY project assembly instructions. Is building not your thing? Hire one of our recommended assemblers, see our scratch and dent inventory, or view our list of designs available as fully assembled units, deliverable in the Northeast! Make sure you ask us about our amazing free shipping offer on select outdoor pet shelter products!