Chicken Coops for Sale

Chickens are hardy, but they need security to be a happy, healthy and productive element on the farm. Those pesky foxes at it again? Can you blame them? Check out these Chicken Shelter Kits. Coops and sheds for chickens being delivered right to you is possible. Most likely, you’re looking out the kitchen window right now scouring the yard for feathers. Did you lose yet another one of your chickens to your local apex predator? Retrospectively, aren’t you tired of being heartbroken that your favorite chickens keep getting plucked off one by one? You need a sturdy coop for the flock! Fully loaded with a chicken sized door and nesting boxes as the norm, you can customize to suit your coop’s needs by add more boxes as your brooding girls hatch more chicks in the spring season. These pre-fab chicken coops are easy to assemble. If you’re in search of a real D.I.Y Chicken Coop take a look at our Chicken House Plans. A set of plans comes with each kit but is available to purchase separately as well. Build your own chicken shelter with a Jamaica Cottage Shop Coop Kit or How To Build a Chicken Coop Instructions. Add an overhang to your coop for grain storage. Also, to keep yourself out of the weather while you collect eggs from the layers you can extend your coop’s roof line. The best part about getting one of these chicken coop sheds for sale from us is that they are able to be built DIY. The kits are color coded, labeled, pre-cut pieces of lumber you can have the time of your life teaching your kids the tricks of the trade (and feel like a pro doing it) in a weekend. Is building not your thing? Hire one of our recommended assemblers, see our scratch and dent inventory, or view our list of designs available as fully assembled units’ deliverable in the Northeast! Make sure you ask us about our amazing free shipping offer on select products!