Livestock Shelters for Sale

Different types of farms and homesteads require specific buildings to run efficiently, with most having a main barn and several outbuildings. Whether you raise crops or livestock, it’s important to have the right structures set up for your operation. Our simplest and least-expensive barns, specialty livestock buildings, small livestock shelters, and wood sheds for sale are available in kit form and can be designed to meet your specifications.

Barns & Shelters

Homestead buildings for sale that house animals may include fully enclosed livestock barns and shelters for your pasture. These barns and shelters provide warm, dry places for your livestock during bad weather and vary in size and price depending on the animal size.
Chickens require specialized housing. Hen houses for egg production are often designed with nesting boxes for laying eggs. Chicken coops for meat birds are designed to include an indoor area for night time so they can sleep away from predators, and an outdoor area where the chickens can eat and spend the majority of their day.

Barns for machinery and/or supplies are necessary to keep important equipment protected from the elements. You may consider a clear-span shed designed for large equipment, or a separate hay barn that’s kept away from livestock due to its combustibility.

General Sheds

Most sheds are typically simple, single-story structures used for storage, workshops, or hobbies. There are several small firewood storage shed for sale. These are uncomplicated structures designed to keep your firewood dry. Larger hobby sheds utilize more complex designs that vary in size, shape and amenities. Any of our outdoor shed kits can be designed to include windows, workbenches and electrical outlets. You can even have your shed designed with a small porch for relaxation that’s nice enough to double as a bunkhouse for farmhands or guest house for visitors.

Jamaica Cottage Shop’s wood structures are all built of the finest Vermont lumber and handcrafted for long-lasting durability. Our designers can help you with custom layouts that fit any need.