Tiny Houses

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  • 12x12 Saltbox Shed - Custom12x20 Saltbox Exterior

    Saltbox Series 12X

    From: $4,225.00 From: $2,028.00

    This rugged Vermont Post & Beam classic is in stock and ships right away. By far the most popular design, the Saltbox begs the word “traditional.” Built the same as they have been for centuries with a native rough sawn hemlock post and beam frame and rough sawn pine siding, this extremely versatile cottage garden…

  • 14x26 Camping Cabin14x26 Camping Cabin Exterior

    Solar Cabin

    From: $49,767.00 From: $38,149.00

    This comprehensive Vermont Post & Beam abode is in stock and ships right away. This cozy cabin is the perfect solution for your isolated New England property. An enchanting three-room cottage, complete with a bathroom is a wonderful place to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The kitchen is equipped…

  • This Daily Mix can be used to maintain your composting toilet regularly. The all natural composting toilet maintenance material is recommended over peat moss.  A scoop is included for your convenience.

  • 20x30 Garage8x30 Overhang

    8x Overhang


    The 8x Overhang is a popular addition to the 20x30 Vermont Cabin, 20x30 Garage, 20x30 Barn and 20x30 Sugar Shack. Use it as a porch to relax on, firewood storage, or an additional carport for keeping vehicles and farm equipment out of the rain. [button href="https://jamaicacottageshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/8x30-Overhang.pdf?x74439" colorstart="#000000" colorend="#FFFFFF" colortext="#FFFFFF" icon_size="12" class="" target="_blank" color="hint-of-monet-4" align="vertical" width="normal"…

  • Biolet ez-Mix

    $36.99 $29.28

    The Biolet ez-Mix Plus Daily Mix activates the composting process.  It is recommended for seasonal start-up of your composting toilet system, as well as maintaining your system properly.

  • Compost Accelerator
    On sale!

    Compost Accelerator

    $36.99 $33.60

    Supplied by the Sancor Green Factory, this compost accelerator is intended as weekly maintenance for your Natures Head composting toilet or other composting system. This all-natural material speeds up the composting process and is recommended for all composting toilet systems. Compost accelerator can also be added to a home or outdoor composter.

  • Laveo Dry Flush Cartridge Refills

    These dry flush toilet refill cartridges, designed for the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet are convenient, economical and ready for use right out of the package. The user never touches or sees waste. The dry flush refill cardtridges can be installed in under a minute.

  • Dry Flush Toilet for tiny housesDry Flush Toilet for tiny houses

    The Laveo™ Dry Flush toilet is a comfortable and discrete plumbing option for your tiny house. The economical disposal system is odorless, does not require chemicals and takes less than a minute to clean. Take your Laveo dry flush toilet anywhere. It can be used in a tiny house, camp, cottage or cabin.

  • Round door with custom hingeRound Door opening

    Round Door

    From: $1,039.50

    The main entrance to any building can reveal much about its inhabitants. Jamaica Cottage Shop’s wooden round door design is for clients who are looking to create an enchanting, attention-grabbing entrance for a treehouse, playhouse, cottage, tiny house, backyard studio, or barn.

  • 12x12 Love Nest - ExteriorLove Nest porch w/ built in bench

    Love Nest

    From: $4,573.00 From: $2,334.00

    This charming Vermont Post & Beam cottage is in stock and ships right away. The simple and cozy nature of this design gives it its name, the Love Nest. This design features an integrated porch with keyhole style entrance and two comfy built in benches. It works perfectly as a she shed, summer camp building,…

  • 16x16 Homesteader - Exterior showing this cabin with a four foot porch16x16 Homesteader


    From: $14,087.00 From: $4,929.00

    This savvy Vermont Post & Beam shanty is in stock and ships right away. This delightful design has all the goodies. Its steep roof pitch and high ceiling create a spacious interior feel full of character. With the full 8’ walls and generous loft, this cozy shanty has more to offer than meets the eye.…

  • 10x16 Hobby House - Exterior10x16 Hobby House - Interior

    Hobby House

    From: $9,318.00 From: $3,075.00

    This ample Vermont Post & Beam workshop is in stock and ships right away. This design features an overhang, interior loft, a built in work bench, and 5’ double doors in addition to a single door. Its steep roof pitch and high ceiling create a spacious interior feel full of character. With the full 8’…