Outdoor Porch Kits

Porches are covered structures with floors that are attached to the bearing walls of buildings, usually of cabins, cottages, guest homes, or tiny houses. Deck porch kits create a relaxing space to enjoy the outdoors in the shade, or a place where one can safely fumble with keys while being protected from rain. A porch on a shed, garage or barn is not unheard of, especially if you plan on using the space as a workshop or office.

Front porch kits are built first with a Rough Sawn Hemlock floor system consisting of skids, joists and decking. Rough sawn hemlock framing is used for the walls and roof, Eastern White pine for the trim, and they are topped off with a corrugated metal roof. Flooring may be upgraded to pressure treated or go all out with a pine tongue and groove deck option. The roof color or material may be upgraded to match your building if you need to match an existing cottage, barn or shed.

Our Porches are sold in five different styles to match whichever post and beam building you are attaching it to. Most designs can have our general front porch kit attached, but we do have four other designs that use different framing and/or trim styles to match buildings that step away from other designs. If you have any questions about which porch deck kit you should pick please contact our design team for help.

Here is a Breakdown of Each Porch Style:

Porch Kit: This design is the original structure. It fits with most designs that have a gable roof and is installed on the bearing wall. In some cases these can work with our woodbins or other roof styles, but we recommend contacting our sales team if you are not sure.

Basic Porch Kit: This kit is meant to be attached to our most basic storage sheds and tiny homes. This kit is compatible with the Nantucket A, Nantucket B, Greenhouse, Vermonter, New Yorker A and New Yorker B. This kit could also work with the Bunkie cottage and the three and four season options of these basic shed designs since it uses the same trim style.

Cottage Porch Kit: Originally designed for the Vermont Cottage B it can also be added to any of our do-it-yourself cabins that are 16-feet wide and have fly rafters. This would include the Vermont A, Vermont Cottage C, One Bay Garage (16′ wide), Barn (16- wide) and Sugar Shacks (16′ wide).

Box Beam Porch Kit: The Simple Garage is built with a 6×6 post and 2×12 box beam frame, so this porch was designed to be compatible with this different style. Porch kits work great with garages as open air workshops, a space for taking breaks, or additional storage space.

Mortise and Tenon Porch Kit: Our Vermont Cabins, Two Bay Garages and 20-foot wide Sugar Shacks are built with an 8×8 mortise and tenon timber frame. Adding this porch type to these buildings will match the rugged strength of these timber frame structures.