Shed Door Hardware

Whether it’s a barn, workshop or tiny house, your small outbuilding needs doors that are as durable as they are attractive. Rugged steel shed door latches, parts and shed hardware supplies can stand up to years of daily use and still look great.

Dependable Performance

Installing the right type of shed door latches and parts ensures that your door is both secure and easy to use. A simple steel eye hook or chain bolt can be used alone on an interior door you need to open and close quickly. These fasteners can also be installed on an exterior door in addition to a handle for improved security. A dead bolt or pad lock can be used.

If your building has double doors, install steel foot bolts to hold one door securely open or closed while you work. For Dutch or sliding barn doors, choose a drop latch to keep your animals in, but allow convenient access. As a plus, drop latches are easy to use even when you’ve got your hands full.

For extra durability on any swinging door, a Whitcomb door latch is a smart choice. The wide base reduces stress on the screws and the tough spring keeps the latch working reliably.

Classic Designs

Long popular for barn doors, the Whitcomb door latch will give your building a traditional country charm. The soft sheen of its black satin enamel finish is resistant to dirt and wear, and helps keep your building looking well maintained.

If you own a tiny house, cabin or cottage where style is particularly important, a gracefully curved ornamental latch with baked-on black enamel is the perfect fit. These latches also add a fanciful touch to children’s playhouses.

Designed for timeless rustic appeal and constructed to stand up to daily hard use, quality shed door latches, parts and hardware online make your DIY outbuilding overall more enjoyable to use.