Wooden Shed Accessories

JCS accessories for sheds and cabins include any additional items you may want to include to your order. Heavy duty barn door latches and hinges will give an authenticity to your shed. You may opt for different doors or add more windows for natural light. There are plentiful space saving storage solutions and furnishings to equip your new cottage with. Consider the addition of a composting toilet or stock up on Refill Cartridges for your Dry Flush Toilet. You may want to add a porch or an overhang for more usable space. The addition of a decorative weather vane or cupola is always an aesthetically pleasing attribute for a new cottage. Spruce up your new shed with the addition of Cedar Flower Boxes. We have options for for your Livestock needs as well including nesting boxes to turn any building into a Chicken Coop or Steel Bars for partitions and windows in horse barns. Plan on adding a loft to your new hideaway? We have a loft ladder available that will make the perfect access point. Consider showing how much you love your new JCS building with a Tie-Dye T-Shirt you can wear! There are a ton of accessories for sheds and cabins available to adorn your new outbuilding. Add a vent to your order or purchase a trailer and build your own tiny house on wheels.  Concerned about termites or high wind?  We have termite shields and shed anchors to address these needs as well.