Prepare Your Garage for Winter

Prepare Your Garage for Winter

You might be quite the amateur handyman or perhaps you are a person who likes to keep things neat and organized.

Whatever be the case, efficient garage storage is a must when you want a clear space where you can find what you need, when you need it.

Fortunately for you, DIY garage organization is neither frightfully expensive nor too difficult and in this article, we’re going to show you 10 things you can do by yourself to create extra storage space in your garage.

Groaning just from thinking about organizing your garage? Don’t worry. The winter garage storage tips we will tell you are both very simple and effective and will make arranging your space a matter of joy.

Let’s get straight into it-

#1- Get a shovel rack- 

Your DIY garage organization quest should begin with getting the larger garden tools out of the way.
Garden tool sheds are great for leaf rakes, shovels and other tools.

You can build one yourself with just some pieces of wood and a few nails.

Simply cut out some slots in the wood so that you can get your tools off the floor and organize them neatly.

#2- Use tracks to increase storage capacity- 

You can find tracks with attached hooks in any hardware store near you and these can help you organize your garage efficiently.
Fit these on your walls and you will be able to store many things easily.
Tracks let you utilize spaces such as your ceiling or wall that would otherwise have not been put to use.
They can be changed easily too so you will have no problem keeping things organized no matter the season.

#3- Combine metal shelving with plastic containers- 

You can use well-placed metal shelving along with some plastic containers to organize your garage beautifully.

Be sure to label the containers so that you will always know where to find what you need.

Always stack the things that can be stacked and put the other things in the bins.

#4- Create a tool tower rack- 

If you buy or create a tool tower rack, you will be able to easily store your long handled tools like brooms, shovels or rakes.

If your rack has wheels, it will be portable and you can store it in any corner of the garage safely.

#5- Construct an outdoor building for extra storage space- 

Even if you make the most efficient storage arrangements inside your garage, it often happens that this is not enough.

In such cases, it is wise to make an out building as it will really increase your total storage space.
You can even buy ready-made sheds from well-known brands to complement your garage storage.
Just be sure that you are complying with the building codes in your area and you’re good to go to get additional storage space


#6- Use your ceiling as a storage space- 

It might sound ludicrous but you can easily use your garage ceiling as an excellent storage space!
All you need to do this are a few plastic bins and a sliding system which goes onto your ceiling for them.
With the right knowledge, you can even construct this easily by yourself.

#7- Put in some cabinets- 

Creating some decent cabinets isn’t the hardest thing in the world and if you install them yourself, you can save a lot of money.

All you need to do is buy some ready-made cabinets and then just hang them on to your walls.Cabinets are great for storing away things and will make your garage look prim and proper.

#8- Utilize even  

When it comes to storage, every little bit of space counts.
Be sure to use as much space as you can to put things away. You might put a rolling storage unit below your workbench or install a small cabinet in that narrow space behind the door, in the end it will give you a neater and better organized garage.

#9- Add a pegboard to your wall- 

Pegboards are a great and inexpensive way of creating additional storage space in your garage.

The hooks will help you your garden tools and supplies and you can also put up small totes and baskets for tiny items.

#10- Install magnetic strips to hold tools- 

Remember the tip where we said you should use every tiny space?

One way to do this is a magnetic strip.

These strips attached to your wall can easily hold your metallic tools and will take up a minimal amount of space.

These were our top 10 DIY garage storage tips for the end of summer, we hope you enjoyed reading the article and we wish you a good day.

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