Mud Season – By Kim Rak

8x16 Tiny House on a TrailerIf you don’t live in New England, you might never have even heard of this extra season. I spent the first 50+ years of my life “enjoying” the pros and cons of this short time, where it falls in between winter & spring. It’s a curious time of t-shirt days, often snowy nights, and rushing rivers. The earth smells amazing as it starts to awaken, and the sun is strong enough to coax the very first signs that spring is coming – laying bare south slopes, rocky outcroppings and widening the circle of grass and earth around tree bases. As the temperatures swing wildly about, hundreds of miles of back dirt roads become impassable if you have anything with a lower ride then a 4 wheel drive ½ ton pick up, and even driveways become only passable with your wellies. I remember once, in the 80s, getting stuck so bad during mud season, that I had to leave my vintage Land Rover stuck were it was for a full week, while the mud became less impossible to work in. I never tried driving “in” as we used to call it, in April again.
Out of curiosity, I went to wiki to see if it was even a “thing”.
Mud season is a period in northern New England in late winter/early spring when dirt paths such as roads and hiking trails become muddy from melting snow and rain.[1]
Mud season occurs only in places where the ground freezes deeply in winter, is covered by snow, and thaws in spring. Dirt roads and paths become muddy because the deeply frozen ground thaws from the surface down as the air temperature warms above freezing. The snow melts but the frozen lower layers of ground prevent water from percolating into the soil so the surface layers of soil become saturated with water and turn to mud.

That sort of explains it. You have to experience it for real, to fully appreciate its diversity. At least it is recognized as a real season.
Mud season is also is a time of some serious planning about summer. Those long winter months were great for the dreaming part, mud season is for the actual planning part. Summer is so close, you can almost touch it, but there is still spring before summer, so there is time for plans to become reality.
Most mud seasons for me, were spent planning another adventure. Traveling was always high on the list – these days, I would be thinking about these road legal glamping (Urban Dictionary defined as glamorous camping. When you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll, no fire to build), houses on wheels. Jamaica Cottage Shop has the edge on these structures, of course, since they are basically a tiny house on wheels.

Road legal tiny house being built this week at Jamaica Cottage Shops 70,000 sq. ft . factory
In my opinion, these custom buildings on trailers define an intention that hasn’t been seen since Airstream was a thing.
Look forward to more information on this new wave of exciting housing. Jamaica Cottage Shop is in mud season mode with extended hours (Monday-Friday 9-5pm, Saturday 9-4pm, Sundays by chance or appointment) a toll free number (1-866-297-3760) of in house staff (including a design team, client care team, and tech support team) while the factory is also open for touring the facility and seeing some of this new work as it becomes available.
My guess is that Jamaica Cottage Shop will not only have these amazing new travel legal buildings regularly available soon, but will have the kits and plans so you can make them too.

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