Meet the

Wishing Well

Meet the

Wishing Well

Our Wishing Well not only looks good, it works well! Perfect as a planter, water source for your plants or a place for your children or grandchildren to throw in a penny and make a wish.

A remembrance of days gone by; this Cottage Shop original will surely enhance any landscape. Adorned with Western Red Cedar Shingles and completely functional, the Cedar bucket would actually draw water if there were any below it.

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Roof Style: Gable Style

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All About The Wishing Well

Fabulous Garden Décor

At an overall height of around eight feet and a diameter of four feet, this Do-It-Yourself wishing well for sale is not your typical flimsy backyard decoration or lawn ornament. This hand-crafted piece of art will surely enhance your landscape and become the topic of conversation. Place it over a well head to obscure it or fill it with soil and use it as an attractive planter for overflowing flowers.

Unique Design Features

We use Western Red Cedar Shingles for the roof and siding. This naturally rot resistant wood is also stunning in appearance, with rich, warm tones. An all-natural pine wooden bucket is attached to a hemp rope and pulley system. The pulley functions just like an old fashioned well and can raise and lower the bucket to collect water. This structure is built on top of a treated sill plate so it can sit directly on the ground. And like all of our other buildings, the wall and roof framing construction are made from rough sawn hemlock lumber.

You Can Build It

This Wishing Well makes a very fun and satisfying woodworking project for your backyard. Learn how to create a simple post and beam structure when you buy the complete pre-cut kit. You can also get the step-by-step plans alone if you want to buy your materials locally. With the complete kit you get all of the materials needed to build this Wishing Well: a treated sill plate, rough sawn hemlock lumber framing, red cedar shingle siding and roofing, and all of the fastening hardware needed to put it all together. We also offer the Wishing Well as a fully assembled structure that we deliver up to 300 miles from our factory in South Londonderry, Vermont.

Personalize Your Wishing Well

To keep the red cedar looking natural we recommend applying a coat of linseed oil to the siding and roofing once every five years. It is also possible to paint or stain the Wishing Well with any color combination you wish.

Many clients place their wishing wells on top of their water pumps as an attractive and decorative cover
Decorative wishing well with a hanging bucket

Build Your Wishing Well:

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Fully Assembled

Fully Assembled
Shell | Fully Assembled
$ 2,943
  • Footprint: 16 SQFT
  • Overall Dimensions: 4x4
  • Roof Pitch: 6/12

Pre-Cut Kit

Pre-Cut Kit
Shell | Pre-Cut Kit
$ 1,969
  • Footprint: 16 SQFT
  • Overall Dimensions: 4x4
  • Roof Pitch: 6/12


What is a Pre-Cut Kit? What is included in this package?

The Pre-Cut lumber package has all the framing members cut and ready for assembly. It includes siding, roofing, pre-dimensioned trim, and fastening hardware. Many designs also include windows and doors. The floor system, walls and rafters have all been cut, color-coded and part numbered. The detailed cut list coincides with the color-coded exploded view. The head scratching has been removed, the headaches of finding the correct angles and the aggravation of starting from scratch has all been simplified. The kit is geared to a do-it-yourself homeowner with beginner-to-beginner knowledge of carpentry.

Should I buy a Pre-Cut Kit or Fully Assembled Building?

We design our kits to be organized and easy to understand. If you have basic carpentry skills and are looking to save money, a kit is a great idea for you. We ship our kits  all across the continental USA and part of Canada.

If you live within our Northeast delivery area, you are able to purchase many of our buildings Fully Assembled. You’ll save time and have the peace of mind that your cottage is being built by expert craftsmen.

What is a Complete Shell and What Comes With It?

A complete shell is an uninsulated building. As a kit, it includes everything required to assemble the building including hardware, precut framing, siding and roofing as well as doors and windows. Hardware, millwork sheathing and DIY plans have been enclosed. Each piece is color coded and part numbered. The exact itemization of what is inserted can be found on the specifications tab of the website for each product page design.

What is the difference between a 3-Season and 4-Season Insulation package?

3-Season –A three-season kit prepares the building for interior finishing. It includes the complete shell plus vapor barrier, solid roof sheathing and insulated floor system. A three season building seals the structure from humidity and moisture protecting from the environment, insects and rodents.

4-Season – Best for year-round comfort. The package includes everything a 3 season does with the addition of insulated thermal pane millwork, wall and roof insulation and pine interior sheathing.

Can I Customize My Building?

Yes! When you purchase your building, you have the option to pick siding, roofing, and flooring options to upgrade or modify your building. Read more about what options we offer.

If you are looking for some very special customizations to one of our buildings, our cottage designers can help. Contact our custom shop team to build a bespoke cottage.

How Can I Pay? Do You Offer Financing?

We accept Master Card, American Express, Discover Card and Visa, Cash, Personal Check, Financing, ACH transfers, Wire transfers, and PayPal. There are so many ways to purchase your dream cottage!

We also offer easy financing options, including a 50% now, 50% later option. See financing page.

Free Shipping for Pre-Cut Kits

We are proud to ship our kits all over the continental USA and to parts of Canada. To qualify for free shipping, you must have a business address and appropriate equipment for offloading your kit. Go to our shipping policy for more details

Fully Assembled Buildings

We deliver to customers within a 200 mile radius of our shop in Londonderry Vermont. This area includes New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and some parts of Maine, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and of course, Vermont.