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Frequently Asked

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The pre-cut lumber package has all the framing members cut and ready for assembly. It includes siding, roofing, pre-dimensioned trim,and fastening hardware. Many designs also include windows and doors. The floor system, walls and rafters have all been cut, color-coded and part numbered. The detailed cut list coincides with the color-coded exploded view. The head scratching has been removed, the headaches of finding the correct angles and the aggravation of starting from scratch has all been simplified. The kit is geared to a do-it-yourself homeowner with beginner to beginner knowledge of carpentry.

Yes, some customizations, such as options for flooring, siding, roofing, and add-ons are possible through the configurator on each product page.


Other types of modifications (alternative window or door placement, changes to the roofline, etc) will be the client’s responsibility. These types of modifications to your pre-cut kit should be discussed with your assembler.  Our client care team is willing to work with you to achieve your desired outcome. Rough openings will match the specifications found on the standard option.


If revisions will be done consider ordering additional materials. We ship these materials in rough lengths and they will not be pre-cut, stickered or outlined in the plans. 


Please contact our design team if you need help. 

Yes. We feel confident that the organization, plans and thought that have gone into the preparation of our kits will result in a quality finished product. Basic carpentry tools will be needed.

If you are constructing any of the Vermont Cabins or Two Bay Garages we recommend that you work with an experienced timber framing contractor. 

See our recommended assemblers list. We have a ton of recommended assemblers.  They usually set their own rates and scheduling, it’s best to contact them each directly.  The recommended assemblers list is a list of contractors that work for themselves.  They have constructed our buildings before and are comfortable working with our clients & kits


We are a manufacturer of high-quality post and beam cottage kits. The projects are geared to do it yourself home owners with beginner novice construction experience. Consider working with a recommended assembler.

Fully assembled units may be constructed at our factory and delivered to your site as long as it is accessible, and the delivery address is within 300 miles of our factory.

Estimated assembly times can be found on the specification printable sheets for each design. See the product page on our website to download now. Each persons skill level may vary so the estimated time is just that, an estimate. 

Our plans and parts of the kit are color coded and labeled; they are designed to be step-by-step assembly instructions keeping the beginner builders in mind.  The plans are set up for a novice, no special tools, or prior experience needed. 

Some designs are a bit more advanced (ie, Vermont Cabin, Two Bay Garage) and it is recommended to hire an experienced timber frame carpenter for those builds. 

Best Choice – Timber Frame Cabins – DIY plans – Kits – Four Season Comfort


Frame Only – The choice for sensitive budgets, it supplies an authentic traditional rough sawn post and beam frame. The package comprises framing members color coded and part numbered to match the option A specifications found on the website product pages. Rough sawn true dimensional 4×4 post and beam timber wall frame and rafters for the roof system are combined. The frame only precut kit includes the base for the building. Skids and floor system if floor system is standard and treated sills if no floor is included. Flooring, siding, millwork and roofing has been omitted. Hardware to assemble is inserted as well as DIY plans.

Precut Kit – The most popular choice for a weather tight shell. The PCK is the complete kit for a design. It includes everything required to assemble the building including hardware, precut framing, siding and roofing as well as doors and windows. Hardware, millwork sheathing and DIY plans have been enclosed. Each piece is color coded and part numbered. The exact itemization of what is inserted can be found on the specifications tab of the website for each product page design.

3-Season –This is the best choice if the space will be used as a living space now or in the future. A three-season kit prepares the building for interior finishing. It includes the complete PCK version, vapor barrier, solid roof sheathing and insulated floor system. A three season building seals the structure from humidity and moisture protecting from the environment, insects and rodents. DIY plans match a color-coded part numbered kit and the hardware is included.

4-Season – A turn key solution for year-round comfort. Weather you live in a desert or the artic the high R-value supplies year-round comfort. The package includes everything a 3 season does with the addition of insulated thermal pane millwork, wall and roof insulation and kiln dried pine interior sheathing. Plumbing and electrical packages are optional.

If purchasing a kit we recommend ordering a four season kit. Fully assembled units may be custom ordered insulated. With a four season building you will receive a weather-tight shell plus a combination of fiberglass and ridgid foam insulation, vapor barrier, interior sheathing, and insulated millwork (windows/doors). 


Materials & lumber can be shipped to achieve the desired number of bedrooms you would like. Additional materials that are not a standard part of the kit will not be stickered, pre-cut or outlined in the step by step plans. 

Only select fully assembled cabins and cottages are offered with pre-installed plumbing and electric. Currently we do not ship plumbing and electric packages with our Pre-Cut Kits.

Timber frame porches, overhangs and enclosed add-on’s may be purchased as a separate add-on from the Vermont Cabin. Buy here


Log Cabin Kits are kits for just that, building a log cabin. Our line of Vermont Log Buildings is designed a bit differently than our normal “Pre-Cut Kits” in a few ways. 

Log Cabin Kits are subject to a shipping fee outside of our 300 mile in-house delivery area. 

Log Cabin Kits include several fasteners, but due to the nature of larger builds, they do not include all the hardware necessary. A general list of tools and hardware required for your project can be provided.

Log Cabin Kits do not have as many parts pre-cut. For example, the logs, rafters, and posts are pre-cut (porch posts are sent long to provide flexibility during the build). Framing for the gable ends is not pre-cut.

The Doors and Windows for these projects are Andersen 200 series and Therma-Tru Mahogany

Yes, some customizations, such as options for floor systems, roofing, and insulation are customizable. 

Other types of modifications (alternative window or door placement, changes to the roofline, etc) are not recommended as the logs are cut ahead of time to accommodate the specified floorplan.

That depends! Although Log Cabin Kits (and Vermont Cabin Kits) include most materials and instructions for the build, they are larger projects and we recommend they be built by an experienced builder. If you’re a beginner looking for a D.I.Y project, consider getting someone experienced to assist. These larger projects also sometimes require tools that the average layman may not have in their toolbox. 

If you’re unsure of your skill level or tool set, please call our Drafting department to get more details to help you assess your situation. They will be happy to talk about construction methods used in the project as well as go over what tools you should expect to need.

After 25+ years in business, we have accumulated a pretty great list of recommended assemblers.

These assemblers set their own rates and scheduling and you should work with them directly.

Recommended Assemblers and Site Preparation

These contractors and other professionals have either been recommended to us by other clients or are familiar with our brand and product and requested to be a part of the list. 


We are a manufacturer and not licensed to build on-site. Consider working with a recommended assembler.

Estimated assembly times for log cabin kits vary widely depending on your situation. Contact our Drafting department for details.

There are roof and floor options to make your Log Cabin fully insulated. 

The nature of the 8×8 contoured logs as a wall material provides great structural and insulating properties. For an insulated 4-season structure floor insulation and roof insulation upgrades are offered. 

Floor insulation is offered at R-10, R-20, and R-30. Roof insulation is offered in two styles, “Wrap and Strap” at R-10, R-20, R-30, or R-40.
“Foard Nail Panels” are an option as well, they are R-37.


If you live in the Northeast United States, within 300 miles of our factory,(New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) fully assembled buildings are available to you. We may be willing to travel a little further than that with an additional charge. Please contact our design team for more information.

The fully assembled price is a weather tight shell good for cold storage. If the building will be used for living a three- or four-season package may be the better choice. Learn the difference.

All site preparation including foundation is to be done prior to shipping and is handled separately from your purchase with JCS.  See a specification sheet for recommended foundations. Our step by step plans offer guidelines for various foundation options.

Recommended Site Preparation

Site preparation

Yes. Fully Assembled projects can be delivered within 300-miles of the Vermont factory.

THOW’s include a trailer. Trailer sizes offered include 8×16, 8×20 and 8×24. 

Larger sizes may be purchased to build almost any other design on if you need a THOW with more space. 

The weights of the Tiny Houses on Wheels vary based on what is included with the building, and the items you furnish your THOW with. See your vehicle owner manual for towing capacities.

A three season building is a a partially insulated structure. Clients will purchase a three season building if it will be used as a seasonal camp, or if they want to finish out the interior on their own.

Included in the Three Season Package:
Solid Pine Roof Sheathing
Roof, wall and floor vapor barrier
5-1/2″ Fiberglass floor insulation with 3/8″ plywood

Other add ons to consider:
Insulated double pane windows
6″ woodstove flashing
Interior wall and ceiling sheathing
Backout of frame (fully assembled only)

It is recommended to purchase a 4-Season Kit or a custom built 4-Season Assembled building. Four season structures include a vapor barrier with insulation in the floor, walls and roof, solid pine roof sheathing, a layer of 3/8″ plywood to hold the floor insulation in and insulated millwork (double pane windows and a 9-lite steel door). 

A “Partially Finished” design means it is nearly ready to move in that day. Many will include off-grid or on-grid mechanicals. These may include traditional plumbing, off-grid toilets, heating sources, electrical hook ups, lighting, or outlets. Review the specification sheets for the designs you are interested in to find out what is included.  

 We will install the mechanicals in a custom building, but the final hook up will need to be inspected, certified and hooked up by a licensed technician. 

Fully assembled builds may be customized to have interior partitions built in. With pre-cut kits you may order additional lumber to build your partitions.

The Emperor and 12x Gable are very similar structurally. The Partially Finished Emperor has been accessorized to come standard with a modest four season package that includes minimal mechanicals and modern day comfort features. The Emperor supplies a suggested starting point for budget conscious folks searching for an affordable living solution. Review specification sheets for each design.

The Del Sol Cabin is a Partially Finished design featuring four-season insulation, basic plumbing, and pre-installed electrical. Rooms include a kitchen/living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

There are two ways to do this. First many customizations are set up to add to your shopping cart when you order using our configurator. Most projects will give you the option to change flooring, siding, and roofing options, keep or remove windows and doors, and will give you a selction of other popular add-ons to chose from. 


If the configurator doesn’t offer everything you need you can order a custom build by working with one of our client care representatives. Typically we will start with an $850 design fee. This fee is non-refundable and allows for 10 hours of design time on your project. The first design fee will be applied to your project as part of your deposit. If additional design fees are needed after that point they will not be applied. 


We recommend that you send us a rough sketch of your desired layout. Provide as much information as possible in the beginning to reduce the liklihood that additional design time will be neeeded. 


It’s possible. Contact us for more details regarding your specific inquiry.

Yes, the wind and snow loads can be emailed over to you for your specific design. 

Most sheds can be placed on a gravel pad. Other popular foundation options include piers, helical screws, concrete slab, crawl-space and full foundation. 

Yes. concrete piers can be used, the pier dimensions and specifications are included with the plans.

Look at the Specification Sheet for that building.  Consider purchasing the plans to see what foundations can be used for that building, the cost of the plans can be removed from future kit orders.

Typically, you would immerse J-bolts while concrete is still wet, J-bolts are used to attach the sill plate to the slab foundation. J-bolts will be included with the hurricane package.  If the slab is already poured, we recommend drilling and attaching concrete anchors.

Each design will have a floor weight rating that can be found on the specifications sheet. To find a specification sheet navigate to the product page of the design you are interested in, then scroll down to specifications where you can select size, then type of project you want to build. Click on the icon for the type of project you are purchasing to download a printable PDF. 

This means that you will have the backing needed to finish off the interior of the building.  If you are looking to complete the interior of the building with sheet rock, wood paneling, or any other interior finish the interior wall frame will require backing to hold the interior finish. Instead of installing angle braces we would do a 2×4 stud framing in the walls. 

All our kits come as a standard template. Any modifications to the kit would be created on the client’s end once delivered.  Plans will not show the client modification for the roof pitch.

Additional materials may be purchased to accomplish this type of modification. We recommend working with a contractor and having them supply us with the needed materials list. 

Altering wall heights and or roof pitches would be done when the building kit is assembled. It would be the responsibility of the assembler, JCS does not provide custom kits. We are able to sell additional lumber if needed to accommodate this type of modification. A materials list will need to be provided to us. Any additional materials that are purchased with your kit would not be pre-cut, stickered, or outlined in the step by step plans.

Yes. It is possible to attach buildings to create a larger structure; however it is very important that a foundation be used underneath the structures to keep them together and prevent the two separate buildings from pulling apart over time. The cottages are designed to be rigid and true alone, they are not designed to support additional outcroppings or connected spaces. It is highly recommended that a licensed contractor be involved to set the foundation so it will support both structures. JCS does not supply custom blueprint drawings or custom foundation layouts.

No. The wood does not need to be treated right away and will gray with age. The desired look and feel can be achieved in many ways, including painting and staining. We do recommend that you treat your building with a clear coat of water repellent oil within 5 years and every five years thereafter, just as you would treat a wood deck.

We recommend linseed oil Cabot Australian oil or Cabot stain.

If painting you will need to use a primer before you paint. Be sure to put enough coats of primer so that you can no longer see the knots otherwise they will bleed through.

A pre-cut kit will supply you with nearly everything you will need. Depending on the kit, we suggest that you have at least the following:

A hammer, screw gun, four-foot level, utility knife, nailer puller or cat’s paw, 25’ tape measure, tin snips, staple gun, carpenter pencil, speed square and a hand saw. Due to variances in rough sawn lumber some boards may need to be ripped. It isn’t a bad idea to have some kind of power saw on hand for efficiency.

For some larger models like the Vermont Cabin, a lift is recommended to raise bents as well as place beams. A crane is very helpful but not required for moving materials.

Except for our Vermont Cabin kit, our pre-cut kits are sent with hand drive fasteners. If the kit includes nails for a nail gun the nails are stick 21 degree. If a client wants to use a nail gun on a design that does not include gun nails they can, but will need to supply them.


Yes! Please visit us. 

The factory is open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm EST. It is always best to call ahead, as we do occasionally close for holidays. Display buildings are open to the public and available for perusal at any time during daylight hours.

Display yards can be found at our Factory: 170 Winhall Station Rd. South Londonderry, VT. 05155, and Hoosick Valley Outdoor Products: 5217 Rte. 7, Hoosick Falls, NY. (518) 686 2528.

The shop can be found 3 miles from the Stratton Mountain access road in South Londonderry, Vermont. Turn north on route 100, travel two miles and turn right onto Winhall Station, a paved road. The office is located 1/8 of a mile from RT 100 on the right.

Yes, just plug in the address, 170 Winhall Station Road, South Londonderry, VT 05155. Directions, hours and virtual tours can be seen here. The display yard is open everyday during daylight hours.

Yes, you certainly may schedule an appointment with a designer. Stop by or call during normal business hours and someone will be able to assist you.  Consider supplying preliminary info such as a floor plan before meeting.

Yes. More than 50 small buildings and multiple other structures like garden closets, wishing wells and cupolas are always on display. Stop in today and choose from the different styles or design your own cottage. Enjoy the many small buildings with awe inspiring, quintessential storage and work spaces in vibrant colors.

Current scratch and dent inventory is found on the last page of our sale flyer, it can also be found online.

Since we do not manufacture recreational vehicles, we are not RVIA certified, however Jamaica Cottage does manufacture tiny houses with VIN numbers that can be legally registered for over the road transport.

No. Jamaica Cottage Shop employs a staff of full time carpenters, office personnel and delivery crews.


There are several basic questions to ask yourself and answer when beginning to plan your tiny home. What can you NOT live without and what should your budget be based on the features you require. Take our quiz now.

Navigate to the product page of the design you are interested in. Scroll down and just below the videos and description you will see the specifications area. To the right of the web specifications you can also click on the icon to Download Spec Sheet. This will open up a tab for a printable and downloadable pdf specification sheet. 

  1. Navigate to the product page of the design that you would like to purchase. 
  2. Click on the Order Now button, or scroll down past the specifications. 
  3. From there you will be guided step by step to select size, flooring, siding, roofing and add-ons. 
  4. Review your project and reconfigure if you made any mistakes or want to try different options. 
  5. Once you are satisfied you can add your selection to your cart. You also have the option to add your design to a wishlist to come back to later. 
  6. Select your shipping method then proceed to checkout.  
  7. At checkout you will be prompted to enter your billing and shipping info, review the terms and conditions of your order, and then review your order one last time. The last step is to enter your payment details, or sign up for financing for your project. 
  8. Once you submit your order you will receive a notification email. Our team will be in touch to discuss any other necessary details and shipping. 
  1. Navigate to the design you would like to purchase. 
  2. Click on the order now button, or scroll down past the specifications section. 
  3. To order just click on the add to cart button and it will add that item to your cart. The Default Options in the configurator are set to match the specification sheet for the product page you are on. 
  4. Once your item has been added to your cart you can select your shipping method and proceed to checkout, or add the item to your wish list for later.   
  5. At checkout you will be prompted to enter your billing and shipping info, review the terms and conditions of your order, and then review your order one last time. The last step is to enter your payment details, or sign up for financing for your project. 
  6. Once you submit your order you will receive a notification email. Our team will be in touch to discuss any other necessary details and shipping. 

Yes! Just email us the Stock # you would like photos of. Please note: Photos don’t necessarily reflect current inventory in stock.

We suggest you gather the items needing shelter, put them in the desired location and scratch four lines around them. Measuring the lines will give you the needed size. 

Yes. Plans are available on each of the product pages, or you can see our full selection here

Each town is different. Most do not require a permit for a building less than 150 square feet. A set back of 25 feet from the property line is common. We recommend that you contact your town office to find out if a permit is required. 

ICC International Building Codes are followed whenever possible. Due to environmental and local interpretations it is best to review with your local municipality. Final approval is governed and granted solely by your local building department. It is the land owners responsibility that all local construction codes are being met.

Jamaica Cottage Shop creations are crafted with native Vermont lumber. The trees are grown and harvested locally in the Northeast US and Canada, and sawn at local saw mills. All the lumber has a rough look and feel. Hemlock, a sturdy bug resistant wood, which has traditionally been used for fence posts, is used in all of the framing. Eastern White Pine is used for siding and trim. Standard roofing material on most buildings is corrugated metal. Life expectancy of the metal roof is 30+ years with proper care and maintenance.

Estimated lead times change weekly. 3-4 weeks is common but some designs will require more time. This will vary based on the design, time of year, and production in queue. Speak with a cottage associate to learn the current estimated times.

Go to the desired product page on our website, scroll down and click on the specifications tab, then click to download the .pdf for the standard written specifications. The weight and size of your pre-cut kit is on the bottom of the specifications sheet. This weight is an estimate and can vary depending on the moisture content of the lumber. 

Most people feel comfortable if they have 200 square feet per person. In some cases they can do with less if living in a tiny house on wheels. 


Most of our designs come standard with hemlock joists and skids because we prefer to use sustainable, natural lumber as much as possible.


Any lumber that meets the ground should be treated. Any design that does not come with a floor system will come with a pressure treated sill plate that sits directly on the ground or concrete slab.


Treated floor framing is a possible upgrade when you order on each product page using the configurator. 

Our designers can walk you through your options. They can discuss specifics on your project to help you determine what upgrades are available and recommended with your project and your scenario. What upgrades are available depends on what the building, what it will be used for, the building location, budget and life expectancy.

Generally speaking, if your building is going to sit directly on the ground or on a concrete slab, you will likely want to upgrade at least the base to pressure treated lumber. If your building site is in a wet area, or is prone to other environmental factors, you may want to consider the upgrade the whole floor framing to pressure treated lumber. 

On Log Cabin Kits, when selecting floor system options, Pressure treated lumber is recommended if you’re building on piers. If you’re building on a full foundation, KD is recommended. 

Siding swatches are coming soon. In the meantime, you can see visual examples of the siding options we offer when you use the configurator on the product page you are shopping from. Each type of siding will have a graphical representation when you get to the siding options. 

Yes, kits will remain standardized matching the specifications found on the product page of each design. The placement of any rough openings may be modified on your end if you would prefer a different layout. We recommend working with an experienced contractor. If additional materials are needed to accomplish your modification you are welcome to order from us. Additional materials are shipped in rough lengths, and will not be pre-cut, stickered or outlined in your plans. 


When you are ordering your building online you will have the option to select the standard millwork, or to have it removed. 

Shed anchors are used to secure a building to the ground. They are essentially a steel metal cable with a steel “arrow head” on one end. You wrap the cable around your skids and drive the “arrow head” into the earth beneath your building to anchor it into place. 

Most Pre-Cut Kits offer an Increased Snow Load and Hurricane Package options as you are configuring the building you would like to purchase. 

In most Increase Snow Load option will increase the number of rafters used (going from 24″ OC to 16″ OC). The hurricane package consists of a variety of hardware and lumber that is installed as you are building your kit. This will increase the wind load of the building. 

On Log Cabin Kits, there is no option to increase the snow load. The type of lumber used and the spacing is quite accommodating. Contact our Drafting department for snow and wind load specifications. 

The termite shields are designed to repel termites. They might work on other pests, but it is not sure fire. 


We recomend ordering one shield per block or post. 

Termite Shields

Roof flashing to match your roof color is included where flashing is needed. When ordering on a product page select the Premium Trim Package in the roofing section of the configurator to upgrade to matching metal trim on the rake and eave edges of the roofline. 

Clearspan is the removal of the center posts under the loft. Removal of the center posts does decrease the floor weight rating of the loft. This option is possible with the Vermont Cabin and Two Bay Garage designs for an additional charge. 

If you want to make modifications to a building, including removing a loft, give us a call. We can connect you to our design team to help you craft a custom building.

The overhang is a popular add-on that may be purchased in addition to the One Bay Garage.

Shop Overhangs

When ordering a design that includes a built-in porch you may add railing and porch posts to your cart. These are selectable in the add-on section of the product configurator. 

A local Vermont artist hand makes the stained-glass windows specially for Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc.  

Shop Artisan Crafted Glass Roundels

We use one-inch pine barn boards for roof sheathing in our three and four season buildings, or any designs that come standard with a shingle roof. Roof sheathing may also be added to any of our frame only kits, complete kits, or shed builds. 

Log Cabin Kits come with AdvanTech for roof sheathing.

First line of defense for humidity, wind, moisture, insects, and rodents.  This is essential for preparing a space as a living four season building. See more building terminology on the glossary.

Vapor barriers are included in 3 and 4-season Kits, or may be ordered with a custom fully assembled build. 

Spray foam, fiberglass, and foil foam board are most common. Any type of insulation can be used including alternatives derived from cotton, wool, hemp, straw or wood fibers. Additionally, structural insulated panels or SIP’s can be used.

3-Season and 4-Season kits will include insulation options (see specification sheets for a list of what is included). If ordering a fully assembled unit we can insulate it for you. 

The shed dormers include the framing, siding and roofing. Windows may be added. We sell a selction of double pane insulated and barn sash options. 


Shop Windows

You can place a cupola on any of the designs. JCS manufactures ready to assemble sugar house cupolas.

They are flat on the bottom so that you may cut them to fit the roof pitch of your building.


Shop Cupolas

We sell this 2×3 Ready to Assemble Cabinet, which can be added to a kit or fully assembled build. 


If you would like us to build or install cabinetry in your fully assembled build we can discuss pricing when you order a design fee. 

Overhangs can be added to nearly any design. Some roof lines are better suited for an overhang. When shopping for an overhang it is a good idea to purchase one that matches the framing of your main building. We now carry overhangs with 4×4 and 6×6 post and beam framing and 8×8 mortise and tenon framing. 

Shop Overhangs, Porches and Enclosed Porches

Dry flush toilets use cartridges that seal up your bodily waste with a touch of a button. Watch the videos on the dry flush toilet product page.

Composting toilets are designed to break down your bodily waste and turn it into soil. This decomposition process happens naturally, or can be sped up with the use of an accellerating mixture. Watch the video on the composting toilet product page.

The composting toilet converts waste to compost that can be safely reintroduced to the environment.  The dry flush toilet wraps the waste into a cartridge which is disposed of with household garbage and a clean new cartridge is installed once it is full.

Dry Flush Cartridges:

Biolet Ez-Mix:

Yes, our customers have added wood burning stoves to their cottages. You will need to properly insulate your wood stove and chimney in order to keep your structure safe. Consult the recommendations for your wood stove to insure your installation is safe.


Yes. We work with several financing companies. See our Financing page.

Yes. We accept Master Card, American Express, Discover Card and Visa. 

Payment is accepted online, over the phone or in person. 

We accept Master Card, American Express, Discover Card and Visa, Cash, Personal Check, Financing, ACH transfers, Wire transfers, PayPal. We also offer easy financing options. See financing page.


How far away do you ship? We can ship internationally, please contact us for a quote.

Do you ship to Canada? We do offer paid shipping to parts of Ontario and Quebec! Free shipping applies within the continental USA only.

Please call our Logistics Office to discuss if your project is eligible to be shipped to Canada, and to get a quote. See more on our Canada page. 

What type of business qualifies for free freight shipping? Free shipping for freight deliveries applies to clients that have their kits delivered to a local business that has space for a full-sized (enclosed) tractor trailer and the appropriate equipment for unloading. Read all the details here. 

What is the truckload sale disclosure? If the truck does not fill in 3 months (90 days) from the date a deposit is placed, and JCS has not offered you delivery within the 90 day time-frame, you have the option to cancel the order for a full refund. If JCS has offered you delivery within the 90 day time-frame and you have declined to accept, then the full refund offer is void and standard cancellation policy and shipping rates apply.

Why do you only offer free shipping for Pre-Cut Kits? Multiple kits may be shipped on one truck which allows us to save money on shipping. We pass the savings on to you.

Can I have my Pre-Cut Kit delivered directly to my residence? If you live within our in-house delivery range, we can offer curbside delivery of your Pre-Cut Kit by our own delivery team.

If you are outside of our in-house delivery range, your kit can still be delivered to your residence, but fees may apply. Read more on our shipping policy. 

How much will shipping cost if I am outside of the Jamaica Cottage Shop in-house delivery range? We offer Free Shipping on pre-cut kits to a local business that you find that can accommodate a full-size tractor trailer parked safely off the traveled way. The client selected business must be able to handle, maneuver, and unload a 5,000-pound minimum pallet(s) out of an enclosed trailer. For Log Cabin Kits, please call for a shipping quote. Read all the details here. 

If my kit is being delivered by freight to a limited access address, do I need to have equipment on site for the offload? If your kit weighs more than 3000 lbs, we require you to have appropriate unloading equipment, such as a forklift.

If your kit weighs less than 3000 lbs, it may be unloaded by hand by a team. Read more about our shipping disclosure. 

Why am I charged a limited access fee if I must rent equipment for the offload? Limited access and residential sites are often located in areas that are not on the delivery drivers usual path. Additionally these types of deliveries take longer since these types of locations are typically not used to accepting large pallets.

The truck trailer will not have a ramp or liftgate. It is imperative that there is a forklift and loading dock or ramp. Most of our clientele opt to go with shipping to a local business. A fair amount of businesses that our clients have us ship to in the past offer transportation of the kit for less than the residential fee. Keep in mind that the freight truck will need to be able to park safely off the traveled road way. Read more about our shipping disclosure. 

Does my delivery have to be curbside? Typically our in-house deliveries are made curbside. Drivers may, at their discretion, unload a kit on your property only if the area is accessible and well-marked. We have a 2-hour limit for deliveries. Read more on our shipping policy. 

Can I offload my Pre-Cut Kit by hand? For freight delivery, you may hand-offload your kit only if it is less than 3000 lbs. Make sure your team is well equipped with gloves and other gear. If you are having your kit delivered by our in-house team, we will offload your kit for you.

Are lift gates offered for freight shipments? Due to the length of the kit pallets, it is not possible to rotate inside a box truck onto a liftgate therefore liftgate service is not offered. Read more on our shipping policy. 

When do I get my Pre-Cut Kit Plans? You receive digital access to the plans immediately after purchase. Additionally, a printed copy of the plans will arrive alongside your Pre-Cut Kit.

If you ordered only plans, you receive only a digital copy for you to print yourself.

How much notification will you give me prior to delivery? Once you place your order you will be notified of a date and approximate time for delivery when your project will be shipped. A tracking number is supplied when applicable, the dispatcher will coordinate with both driver and receiver.

Do I need to be present at the time of delivery? Yes. If your order is being shipped by freight it is required that you be present with a helper to unload the kit. Hopefully the driver will help you but he/she is under no obligation to do so.

If your delivery site is within in our in-house region you may mark the area where you want your building or kit to be placed in the event that you can not be there. Kit deliveries are curbside, so the drop off point will be at the driver’s discretion.

How long does delivery generally take? Length of delivery depends on many factors including site accessibility and preparedness. Most fully assembled units can be delivered in less than 2 hours. Jamaica Cottage Shop Inc. allows a 3-hour window for delivery. Anything over 3 hours is subject to a charge of $250 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments. This time begins once our driver leaves the town maintained road and ends once they leave.

Can I change my delivery date? Contact the logistics department to change a delivery date. 866-297-3760

Can I order now and have my project delivered later? Yes, you can purchase now with the sale that is running. We do request that you be able to schedule the delivery of your purchase within 90 days of us confirming your order.

Pre-cut kits typically include 90 days from the sale end date to take advantage of free shipping. Shipping fees apply after the free shipping expiration date, check your invoice for specific details.

Can Jamaica Cottage Shop move buildings? We do not offer building moves as a general service. We have a list of people who offer building moving services here. 


I’m still deciding on my building design or I’m working on getting my permits. Can I put my building on hold? Yes. However, a deposit is no longer refundable after one year from deposit date. At which time a deposit can be used as store credit for up to a period of 3 years. After three years the deposit is forfeited. Standard Cancellation policies remain in effect.

What is the Lowest Prices Guaranteed policy? This offer is a guarantee that the company will meet or beat any competitor pricing based on a comparison of our product to the competitor’s building, size, materials, and shipping costs. Please see Terms and Conditions or call the office to get more information.

How long is my quote good for? If you receive a formal quote the expiration date for the quote will be stated in the fine print at the bottom of the paperwork. We usually set the expiration date to expire within 30 days of sending the quote to the client.

What if I need to cancel my order? Your order is refundable if canceled the same day it is placed. Otherwise cancellation fees apply. Please see Terms and Conditions or call the office to get more information.

Do you offer your designs at wholesale prices? Jamaica Cottage Shop is no longer taking applications for new retailing accounts. The program is being suspended indefinitely. We suggest reviewing the affiliate program where you can earn commissions with no money down. Learn More Here 

Is there any way to extend the sale pricing? Yes. You may order a Non-Refundable Good Faith Deposit to secure the sale price for up to 7 days from the sale end date. This deposit is non-refundable and is forfeited by you if we do not receive a 50% deposit within the 7 days. Learn about our financing options.

Can I make a change to the agreed upon plan? We take all orders seriously and to manage an efficient production schedule and provide the best lead times possible, materials may be ordered and plans for production can start as soon as your order is placed. Because of this, changes to an order that has been placed may result in fees. Please see Terms and Conditions that apply to your order and call the office to inquire.

If you place an order and would like more time to make design decisions you may request to have your order placed on hold.

What will the pricing be after the sale ends? Pricing after each sale will be disclosed to the public when the sale ends. This information is not shared with the sales team until the current sale ends. If you would like to take advantage of a promotion, but need a little extra time to make decisions we recommend that you utilize our Non-Refundable Good Faith Deposit.

What happens if my Pre-Cut Kit arrives damaged, or is missing parts? Upon delivery, a quick inspection should be conducted, and the freight bill signed to show you received the correct number of packages. You do not have to accept any delivery of damaged merchandise and may refuse the shipment. Take inventory of your kit and contact us within 10 days if there are missing or damaged parts. For more information, see the warranty page.

Policy on Typographical Errors While all information and pricing is deemed accurate, Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc. has the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed containing incorrect amounts due to typographical errors or incorrect prices. We are under no obligation to accept an order for which the price was posted incorrectly.