Creative Storage With Wooden Furnishings

The Jamaica Cottage Shop has some native wood products sourced in the USA from Eastern White Pine, spruce, and cedar that can be fun and practical additions to your home. All these products mentioned here are not only great additions to your home but make lovely gifts. The natural, untouched finish can be embellished with a little paint and a bow, or a wood engraving tool to add a picture or a name and give as thoughtful gifts to your friends and family.

2x3 Ready to Assemble Wooden Pellet Box
This attractive wooden trunk can be used to store linens, towels, blankets, or yarn

Pellet Box

Let us start with the Jamaica Cottage Shop Pellet Box. As you can probably guess, this product was designed to be utilized for pellet stove fuel storage, but we have discovered so many other ways to use it. It is a roomy wood furniture storage solution if you do not have a closet near the door. And being such a sturdily built box means it can double as a bench. Now getting dressed up in your winter boots and outerwear is so much easier. A basket placed inside organizes mittens, hats, and scarves.

The 2×3 pellet box also makes the perfect toy chest. We all know how children’s toys have a way of piling up. Keep those stuffed animals, toy cars, and building blocks hidden away inside this box. Constructed with stay-open hinges means hands are free to take things out without hurting little fingers.

How about a pellet box for the garage? It is going to be handy for all those loose items that need a home. Hoses, tools, pet food, blankets, and other pet supplies now have a home. In the bedroom throw on a few pillows and it has the perfect place at the end of the bed for blanket and linen storage. As you can see, the uses for our pellet box are endless.

Spice Rack made from high quality Pine is left unfinshed.  Overall dimensions 24"Wx12"Hx2.75"D.

Spice Rack

 Our beautiful pine Spice Rack is a winner when it comes to practicality. It is wonderful to use to display spices in the kitchen or to organize your nail polish bottles. Install this wooden rack on the inside of a door for handy closet storage. Keys, sunglasses, and mail could be stashed in this spice rack if placed on a wall near your front entrance. For those who sew, the spice rack is perfect for spools of thread, small jars of beads, buttons, and other miscellaneous little items.   The spice rack comes in two sizes 12″ or 24″ so there is one size to fit your needs.

Wishing Well Wooden Bucket in Pine with Rope

Wishing Well Bucket

What brings more country cottage charm than an all-wood Wishing Well Bucket? Imagine the look of the bucket in your bathroom storing rolled up hand towels, homemade soap, and shampoo. Add a sprig of lavender to create a calming self-care caddy for visitors to your backyard guest house. The wishing well bucket has a lovely rope handle that makes it the perfect item to leave near the stairs for all those things that you want to carry. Our wishing well bucket can become an outdoor planter filled with colorful geraniums, or nasturtium, and will look at home along a stone wall or by the cabin entrance. 

Revolving Tie Rack comes unfinished and is made of High quality Pine.  Use for cottage or Tiny House Organizational needs.

Revolving Tie Rack

This handmade pine Revolving Tie Rack mounts right on the wall and has 24 brackets to hold scarves, necklaces, belts. Tuck it inside a closet for stealthy storage. We use ours in our crafting and gift-wrapping corner.  Imagine this to organize for your spools of ribbon and hang your scissors and fabrics. It is so nice to have all your crafting tools visible and at your fingertips.

Rustic wooden lazy susan for countertop organization

Lazy Susan

Often overlooked but useful is the Lazy Susan. We have ours in the refrigerator. Looking for condiments in the fridge has never been easier. It works well in the bottom of the bathroom sink cabinet where a little twirl will give you access to the myriad of bottles that can no longer hide in the back.

Cedar Flower Box

More than just a Flower Box for your porch. Have one inside for an indoor herb garden. Keep in in your drawers to organize socks or in the bathroom as a pretty way to display guest towels. We love it under the sink as storage for all those bottles of medicine and beauty supplies. This box is also wonderful for filling with bird food. It is easy for birds to rest on the rim while they dip their beaks into the seed. We love to watch the blue jays come by for a visit.

2' Window Flower Box with liner.  Made of high-quality Cedar.
Kiln Dried Spruce Ladder

Spruce Loft Ladder

Look at our sturdy Kiln Dried Spruce Ladders for some clever decorating ideas. These ladders are meant to be used to reach sleeping lofts in post and beam cottages.  With some brainstorming, we thought of so many other ways to utilize this ladder. Did you know that our Jamaica Cottage Shop ladder is a charming way to display your quilts or towels? Or hang it from the ceiling for a beautiful display of dried herbs or as storage for long tools. Let’s be more practical and use it for hanging your laundry. With two ladders, our forged iron brackets, and some pine boards you now have a simple do-it-yourself bookshelf.

This pine cabinet doubles as storage and a workbench or counter.

Potting Cabinet

In the long winter months when you crave a little time to repot your indoor plants or start your spring seedlings, don’t forget that our 2×3 pine ready-to-assemble Potting Cabinet in the garage or basement to hold your bags of potting soil, your small shovels, and planters. Workshops, art studios, and backyard offices are other building types that will find this cabinet useful. The top is used as a work surface while tools, materials, and supplies can be stashed below. For increased utility add shelving and hooks below, or find ways to combine with all of the above storage solutions for an efficient work area. 

Cedar Toolbox - Made of natural unfinished wood

Cedar Toolbox

Look no further than our nifty all wood toolbox for more than just tool storage. Use our handy little caddy all-round the house.  For gardeners, it is ideal for holding small gardening tools. A trip to the flower bed will be easy if you bring the garden caddy. Place your clippers, seeds, a small hand shovel, and everything is all together. No more misplaced garden tools! Two wooden Tool Boxes mean you can have one for the kitchen also. Use it to store plastic silverware, napkins, condiments, and plates, tie on a pretty, plaid bow and you are all set to go outside for your picnic or barbecue. 

After you have finished all the practical work, you can add some accessories to make the space more appealing. A plant or some artwork is not a bad idea. Also, don’t forget to have some cleaning supplies always at hand. And finally, leave a spot for relaxation. After all the hard work you will do it’s handy to have a corner where you can sit and relax a little. Even if you have built the workshop for your hobby, it will be nice to have a space to rest. Whatever you plan to do in your new workshop, remember to make it appealing.

With our smart and easy ways to turn your shed into a workshop, you will undoubtedly create a space where you can enjoy yourself even when working. Of course, your workshop should be well-organized and functional.

Author: Jill Chaco

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