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Hold your horses! Do Horses Need a Run In Shelter?

12x20 Run In for Horses

If you’re a horse lover, you already know that horses are hardy animals that can tolerate a wide range of temperature conditions. So if you are a new horse owner, or planning to purchase some animals in the future, you might ask yourself “What kind of shelter do my horses need?”

Building an Outhouse Kit – How to add a Simple and Sustainable Restroom to your Property

Building an Outhouse from A Kit

In an age of modern conveniences, the idea of an outhouse might seem quaint or outdated. However, there’s a certain charm and practicality to having an outhouse that transcends its rustic nature. They’re especially useful if you live off-grid or are passionate about protecting the environment. From connecting with nature to promoting sustainability, here are […]

Planning to Build Your Vermont Cabin

Vermont Cabin at the end stages of the building process with brown clapboard siding.

A Comprehensive Guide Introduction For almost three decades, Jamaica Cottage Shop has been the leader in Post and Beam building kits. New Englanders and beyond have enjoyed the convenience of Pre-Cut lumber paired with detailed instructions, along with a dedicated team in our office to support you throughout the construction process. The Vermont Cabin, available […]

A Guide to Maintaining Your Garage Flooring

Garage floor maintenance can be something that is typically forgotten about. But when you think of the wear and tear your garage floor receives – tires, salt from the road, spills, and other daily life agitators – you’ll quickly realize how important it is to maintain this space. You’ll want to ensure you are increasing […]

Building Site Preparation for your Cottage, Barn, or Shed

We at Jamaica Cottage Shop know that a successful build starts with a good foundation. Whether you are adding a small shed or cottage to your yard, or planning something more on the scale of a garage or large cabin, knowing how to properly prepare your building site will save you time and money in […]

Termite Terror! Tips for Avoiding Infestation

Set your post and beam building up for success by following these termite deterrent guidelines.

No household pest causes more alarm than termites. These insects have an insatiable appetite for wood, which can lead to costly property damage. Learn how to detect and prevent a termite infestation!

Best Tips for Cabin Building Prep

Building any type of structure on your property takes time and energy. Every effort is worthwhile when you are satisfied with the result. A good plan is always the best starting point. After that, time frames and costs should be considered, which is precisely what we will discuss in further detail in this article. Read […]

Tiny house or Shed Foundations

Vermont cottage built on a full foundation basement.

I have been in the building trade for the past 35 years. I have worked all over the United States, including states with incredibly strict zoning, to hurricane and earthquake-prone areas as well as termite and wildfire susceptible regions. Each of these natural disaster-prone zones takes precautions in protecting buildings and it all starts with […]

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